Best dark attack dual

I have Sartana+3, Seshat+9, Khoina+1 and G Panther@4-80. I also have c-Rigars+19 and Sabrina+19. I use a 3-2 for most titans and war. I bring a healer of each color most of the time. So I’m looking the the group opinion of which of my four attacker would make the best combination against a yellow center. Presently using Seshat with healer for yellow flank; agree/disagree??

If you want a healer then I would suggest C-Rigards with a level 5 mana troop, Seshat and Panther… They will all fire together after 3x 3 matches… Rigard first for attack boost, Panther 2nd for elemental defense down and then Seshat. Buf if you want more attack power then go Panther, Seshat, Sartana would be a good choice.

Most yellow tanks will be Guin and of your heroes Seshat is essential as she resists Guins mana reduction and will also remove the dark defense shield, Panther can too but he is squishy. Those two are your best bet if you can heal with your off color.