Sartana or panther



I have enough ascension items to ascend either Sartana or panther. which should I do


Their stats are roughly the same, so it comes down to their Specials:


  • 452% dmg to 1 enemy, plus 294 additional dmg over 6 turns


  • 210% dmg to 1 enemy and nearby enemies
  • Removes buffs from these enemies
  • -54% defense against dark attacks for 4 turns

Sartana hits hard and shoots straight. Panther starts slower but comes loaded for bear. What do you think?


I would assume that Panther is better for titans and maybe raids and mission as well. Especially if you double up with another purple hero. I use both Tiburtus and Panther (but I don’t have Sartana, so I can’t directly compare). I guess you could combine Panther also with Grimm or Gormek, resulting in a -84% defense debuff against purple and a -30% defense debuff against other colors. Panther also has a higher attack than Sartana, which makes the purple damage even stronger.

Doubling Panther with Tiburtus also really helps with the timing of the special attack, they are both full of mana almost at the same time.