Sabina, Sonya, or Kashhrek

Hello Everyone,

I have three different 4*s ready for ascension (Sabina, Sonya, Kashhrek) and have been wondering which one I should go with. I only have one pair of fine gloves and it took me a month or so to get them.

Below are images of what the rest of my roster looks like. I recently got TC13 going and have been able to summon much more effectively with Path of Valor, so there are many init lvl1 heroes. Id really like to utilize the new 5*s on my main team, but also dont like the idea of using Elena as a tank. I feel like all my other solid tank options are also either red or blue, potentially not leaving room for Elena or Sonya on the team. Any ideas would be wonderful!

Fine Gloves will drop for you soon. Just keep playing and you’ll be surprised when one is handed to you from various chests, titan battle rewards, raid tourney rewards, war result rewards, quests and events. Between Sabina, Sonya and Kashhrek, I think you would benefit having Sonya first maxed. However, it is wise advise to take that you max at least 3-4 rainbow teams of 3* heroes as they will help you finish certain quests, maps or events and therefore, obtain unfarmable ascension items. Once you are done with 3-4 rainbow teams of 3* heroes, start maxing 3-4 rainbow teams of 4* heroes. Again, on the same principle, helping you finish certain maps, quests and events and get those unfarmable ascension items. Once complete, go start leveling 5* hereos.


Sonya then kashirek…u can wait till u get rigard the first and mandatory leveling up for dark …

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My preference would be to ascend a hero who you will always use. Kashrek isn’t that guy. Sabina is OK, but I have Sonya at +18 and use her a lot, admittedly with costume too.

But as far as a handy hero you will always use, I would actually go with one you haven’t mentioned - Kiril. The heal and buffs are so good.


If you really want a solid tank, then you should level up Kashhrek. He’s a solid tank.

However, I agree with @Infinite that given you are newish to the game (and therefore have relatively few heroes and limited roster space) you should focus on heroes that give you a lot of utility. Kashhrek really is a tank, and not a hero well-suited to titans or raids.

Healers and snipers (like Sabina and Sonya, for example) are useful in raids, wars, tourneys, challenges, and defense, so you get more ROI on developing them first.

You mention that you are reluctant to have Elena as your tank. You’re right that she’s not the best tank. However, consider why you want your defense to be super strong. If you are really trying hard to be in the top tiers of trophies, then focusing on defense may make sense, but there is a theory that your defense doesn’t have to be stellar, and even if it is, it is always beatable.

You should also know that some smart people have put a lot of though into where a given hero is ideally placed in your raid defense. You may find that useful.

Now, while it is tempting to focus on your five-star heroes, many will advise that you focus on three- and four-star heroes first, until you get a number of maxed heroes. Exactly how many is up for debate, but you currently have Bane, Graymane, Berden, Azar, and Hawkmoon leveled among 3* – not too bad a line up (Greaymane is not my favorite, but I assume you landed him before Valen).

I recommend that you pick one hero of each element, and level those five heroes (using only feeders of the same color). Start with three- and four-star heroes, and defer working on Elena and Zocc. Five-star heroes consume a lot of resources, and it will take a long time to max them. There are rare ascension materials needed to get to the fourth ascension for them, which makes the process even longer.

My two cents:
purple: Sabina (you need a 4* healer) Baltazar (you have his costume)
yellow: Gan Ju since you have him at 3.40
blue: Sonya untile she’s at 3.60, then Kiril (because he is great) or Valen (he’s fast) or Ulmer (since you’ve already invested in him
green: Brienne
red: Gormek

To answer your original question: Sabina. I actually think Sonya is a better hero (I still use Sonya today in wars, challenges, and tourneys and I am level 68). But, you only other maxed purple is Layla.

Note that Sabina and Sonya both debuff enemies, and that overlap is not ideal. It would be great if you had, instead, Rigard who cleanses. But, you can only work with the heroes you have, right?

You didn’t ask, but I would go with this lineup for raid defense: Bane - Sabina - Kashhrek - Elena - Sonya

Good luck!


IMO,… in order left to right plan level on each color.
Red: Finish hawkmoon special, so feed with either 10x 1* red or 5x 2* red or combined, make sure it is 100%, then Scarlett, then Gormek. Do not touch 5* heroes just like @Ultra explained.
Blue: also finish Greymane skill, then Ulmer (because already started), Valen, then finish Sonya to 3.60, then Kiril to max.
Green: Finish Berden skill, Belith, Brienne, Friar tuck +costume, then wait for Melendor or Caedmon.
Yellow: Finish Gan Ju, then Kailani.
Purple: Chochin, Balthazar, Sabina to max (ascend her), then Tyrum.

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You’ve been given excellent advice so far, I’ll add just a bit.

WINNING raids (offensively) has nothing at all to do with your defense team. It has to do with being able to stack vs the tank/flanks, so your heroes charge together, and your on-color tiles do more damage.

It’s all too easy to get Defensed focused to the point that your D team holds higher cups than your attack teams can handle. That doesn’t do you any good at all.

Everything seems to take forever in this game, but stick to it, and you’ll have a fleshed out roster that can support raids, wars, events, map battles, and everything else that they throw at you.

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Thanks so much for all the advice and linked resources everyone. So very helpful!

I was going to say the same thing about Kiril. You have his costume, so that is even better. Healers are great. I have 4-5 cRigards, cBoldtusks, cMelendors, and cKirils.

Also, Elena is not that bad as tank. I have her at tank and she keeps me in the upper 2500s to low 2600s.


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Good to know thank you!

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Lol. Some forum users here already advising the OP to level this hero and then that hero, 4* and 5* heroes. If they just happened to check on the screenshots of his hero roster, an experienced player will notice that OP is still very new to the game.


As I have mentioned in my previous post, focus leveling several 3* heroes before you start working on your 4* heroes, as you may get frustrated not able to maximize them because of lack of the required unfarmable ascension items, frustrating you as the days and weeks and months go by. Many players quit due to uninformed gameplay and misinformation.

  1. Level 3 full teams of 3*.
  2. Level Zocc to 2/60, if you will not summon 4* blocker like Proteus or Hansel. (He will be very helpful for completing rare quests and so on, he is a usable blocker)
  3. Then ascend Sabina, then Sonya, then Gormek.
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Levelling a 4* hero with your current level may be a cruise through desert.

You have some nice 3* heroes which will give you deep bench to take part in tournaments, wars, challenges and variety of titans. As you progress on the game you will need to stack colours in order to get through stages, enemies, challenges and trials.

You´d also better finish something or you will be lose the focus of what you are doing.

Here is my advise:

If you have gems buy hero slots, so you can store feeders for your heroes and level them properly. 1 hero per color trying to feed them 10 at once (to increase change of leveling special)

TC 13 will give you nothing better than you have, focus on training feeders, you have a lot work to do.

If you haven´t gotten there, you should try to reach Atlantis in order to get a better farm.

About the heroes: In order to your progress you have 2 choices: Build some 3* bench to give some variety or take more time and get some of your 4* to 3.60 (3.60 heroes are way stronger than unemblemed 3.50.

Building 3* bench:

Chochin, then Baltazhar, Kaiilani (end Gan Ju), Ulmer, Belith and Nasghar would be “easy” to level and would be a nice asset to your team.

If you opt for the long term 4*
Ascend Sabina, you lack of healers, She is simply but great. But you will struggle to mas her.
Yellow: finish that Gan Ju and then Kailani (She will be very situational but quite important in events)
Blue: Is your strongest color, you have great heroes, take Sonya to 3.60 then go for Boril (Kiril may be more useful but You already have Boril at 2.1)
Green: Leave Kashrekk at 3.60 It´s a great tank speaking of silver gold raids, when the attackers are mostly 3* heroes who don´t have the endurance to sustain long battles. I had it, and I eventually stripped the emblems to give them to Kiril. Then focus on Brienne or Belith (I´d do first Belith)
Red: Gormek, forget about Elena for now: Gormek will be a great damage dealer and could do the job as tank if he fires to a 3* 2500 TP team it´s almost game over.

With your current roster my defense team would be:

Sabina, Sonya, Kashhrek, Elena, Bane.

When Gormek becomes stronger I´d go: Sabina, Gormek, Kashh, Elena, Sonia (If the enemy brings many reds they will charge your heroes faster and as defenders they are quite dangerous)

In a long term: Sonya, boril, Kiril or Gormek are far better tanks than Kashhrek.

GL and HF.

Edit: @Rilian–> Zocc at 2.60 won´t be useful for him/her because Zocc can´t be used on rare or epics challenges and legendaries are too strong to dare on them.


@Peazomanco will be for seasonals, Atlantis/Valhalla and rare quests.

But will not be useful in challenge events, yes.

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That’s kind of weird. After BT, that’s what the game gave me and I ascended all of them as soon as possible. Biggest regret was choosing Gormek over BT first. Never regretted Sonya but Sabby doesn’t get out as much as she could even at +11 (she is good for tile damage vs Titans and a dispeller never goes astray hardly). Don’t regret Sabby at all really either, she was a mainstay for a while.

OP does not have other defense debuffers now. If he will get Tiburtus or Wilbur - Gormek can wait) But defence debuffers is required for titan.


I finally realised that after the fact.

Thanks so much for the thoughtful/thorough response. I have one question. You mentioned getting to Atlantis to farm more efficiently. Currently I’ve been grinding 8-7 to farm recruits. I’m at 4-3 in Atlantis, I got through that during the last Atlantis event when the WE cost was cut in half. Does it make sense to farm there when the WE cost for the stages is 6 a shot? Is that more of a long term goal when I level higher and have more energy?

It´s not worth IMO mainly because you probably won´t be able to autoplay there. I´d do some stages when having some flags available if not filling chest in order to get atlantis coins and getting to more advanced stages where the loot/exp may be better. It´s good for you to level so you can earn more world energy and hero slots.

Try to reach as far as possible without spending many items.

There is a Thread called Barry farmz here In the guide sections where you can find which stages are better for farming.

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Sabina’s cleanse saved my bacon more often than I can count. And when you can put emblems on her, she’s very hard to kill. A seriously underrated healer.