4* heroes positioning guide

This is a guide on where each 4* hero belongs on defence. I created it based on my 2 years and 6 months experience in the game.
(Here is the 5* heroes guide:
5* heroes positioning guide)

5 things to consider:

  1. specials fire from left to right
  2. the tank must be a very sturdy hero (or a hero who can destroy the opponents if they fire)
  3. no 4* healer belongs to the corner, until they are charged up, there will be no one to heal since the others will be already dead
  4. no 4* slow hero belongs to the corner, they may never get the chance to fire (exception could be made for Sumle)
  5. the left side should be reserved for heroes who will help the heroes who will fire next (in case everyone is charged up at the same time) - dispelers, attack buffers, defence debuffers, healing buffers, healers (healers should fire earlier since if the hero who fires afterwards hits a hero with riposte, they can survive the riposte if they have just been healed).

Best - perfect position
Yes - great position
Maybe - good position
Rarely - under certain circumstances, they could be placed there
No - bad position
Worst - putting the hero in that position is a crime against humanity :wink:
(*ninja heroes work best when there are at least two of them on the team)

Example of a good rainbow team order:

Left wing: fast dispeler (dispels riposte and defence buffs so that the next heroes hit harder)
Left flank: attack and defence buffer (the next heroes will hit harder)
Tank: sturdy hero with riposte (he will hurt the opponent’s and will give enough time for the others to charge up)
Right flank: slow AoE hero (he will hit harder thanks to the left side)
Right corner: fast sniper (will hit harder thanks to the left side)

Disclaimer: this is a guide for regular raid defence, it can be viable for wars and tournaments, but it does not take into consideration tournament or war rules.

What do you think about it? Should I create one for 5* heroes?


Good guide :slight_smile:

I’d say Buddy is best in the tank spot, but that’s just me. Gobbler should just be a big fat NO as well lol :grin:

Don’t really like Rigard in general for defense teams either – unless he’s got his costume on. That attack buff can make him better for sure as a defender.


I was tempted to write “no” everywhere for some heroes, but some newer players may have only one 4* hero in a colour so it would be better for them to know which are the better positions for that hero.

Rigard can be really annoying with his cleric talent. But it depends on what heroes you use when attacking.


How come there are no worst flanks?

How am I supposed to build my all worst position team without that information?


This is awesome and thanks @D_DI for posting this. Do you have any suggestions when using 4* with 5*? I’m asking because I have BT on the left (flank) of Richard or do the “same rules apply”?


I’d remove Vivica, 2 healers is too much on defence.

Ursena is average, she should be a flank, not a wing. Kingston as a fast sniper is a better wing.


Use one of the heroes labeled with “no” on flank :smiley:

The reason there are no “worst” flanks is that every hero can be okay in that place.


Thanks for the suggestions @D_DI, I was using a rainbow team but not sure what Yellow hero can replace Vivica. Here’s what I have.

Kingston-Boldtusk-Richard-Ursena-Gretel looks like your best option if you want a rainbow team.

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very good job.
I will be very interested by one for 5* heroes.
thank you very much !


Nice job thank you! My defence is jackal-gad-kiril-falcon-proteus so all on good spots! :cowboy_hat_face:


It’s not a good idea to run Gadeirus and Kiril together, Kiril buffs attack by 30%, Gadeirus buffs it by 48%.

If these are your only maxed heroes, I’d change it to Jackal-Proteus-Kiril-Gadeirus-Falcon. This is the only way for Falcon to have +48% attack instead of +30%. But if I were you, I’d find a way to replace one of them, preferably Gadeirus.


Thanks for your suggestion! The reason I put jackal next to gad is because his defence is low and his attack will be through the roof! Plus the heel keeps jackal alive! As falcon does have low attack but defence is better and may not need the extra heel from gad.


Thanks again @D_DI, you’ve really helped me think about other defense options. I don’t prefer a rainbow team, it’s just the heroes that are leveled up on my roster based on the game (chance, progress, farming, mats, chance,…did I mention chance?.. lol). I have several reds and greens at 3.70 but waiting on AMs. I’m interested in getting my QoH fully leveled up then either adding or replacing Vivica/Gretel thanks to your post (haven’t swapped Vivica out with Gretel yet). But QoH is also a paladin like Richard, Justice on my hero roster. Maybe swap Richard for QoH…hmmm, decisions…decisions…LOL


That’s true but specials fire from left to right.
So, if everyone is charged up at the same time, Jackal will fire before Gadeirus (without any attack buff), Gadeirus will fire and add +48% attack, right after Kiril will fire and will overwrite the +48% attack with +30% attack. That’s not very practical.


These are my top heros

I’d love to have one for 5*. My defense has three 4* and two 5*. Where would you place Leonidas and Grimble?

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What about Caedmon-Ariel-Falcon-Proteus-Jackal? It’s not the best defence team but should be an improvement. Falcon seems to be the weakest link.
You have a lot of good blue and purple heroes, but not so great ones in other colours. It’s a difficult choice.

Leonidas should be a flank or a right wing. I need to see your team to tell for sure.
Grimble must not be on wing.

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Ok cool I’ll give it a blast!:+1: What about war we use purple tanks!
Thanks for your time.