5* heroes positioning guide

This is a guide on where each 5* hero belongs on defence. I created it based on my 2 years and 6 months experience in the game.
(Here is the 4* heroes guide: 4* heroes positioning guide)

5 things to consider:

  1. specials fire from left to right
  2. the tank must be a very sturdy hero (or a hero who can destroy the opponents if they fire)
  3. the only 5* healers who belong to the corner are Alberich and Mother North.
  4. slow heroes should not be in the corner, they may never get the chance to fire (there are a few exceptions in the 5* category)
  5. the left side should be reserved for heroes who will help the heroes who will fire next (in case everyone is charged up at the same time) - revivers, dispelers, attack buffers, defence debuffers, healing buffers, healers (healers should fire earlier since if the hero who fires afterwards hits a hero with riposte, they can survive the riposte if they have just been healed).

Best - perfect position
Yes - great position
Maybe - good position
Rarely - under certain circumstances, they could be placed there
No - bad position
Worst - putting the hero in that position is a crime against humanity :wink:
(*ninja heroes work best when there are at least two of them on the team)

Example of a good defence rainbow team order:

Left wing: reviver
Left flank: attack buffer
Tank: sturdy hero who punishes the attacker
Right flank: a fast hero who blinds the attacker
Right wing: fast sniper who takes advantage of the heroes who fired before

Disclaimer: this is a guide for regular raid defence, it can be viable for wars and tournaments, but it does not take into consideration tournament or war rules.

Edit: Gazelle, Chameleon and Vela added.
Edit 2: Costumes, S3 heroes and new HotMs added.
Edit 3: New costumes, new S3 heroes, new Springvale heroes, Myztero and new HotMs added.
Edit 4: New HotMs and new Valhalla heroes added; changes to “grades”.
Edit 5: New HotMs, Ninja heroes, new Christmas heroes and new Valhalla heroes added.
Edit 6: New HotMs, Villains and costumes added. Changes to cKadilen and Garnet.


Really great stuff! Thanks for the effort and posting it.


Thank you very much for the job !


I actually have a “best” for 4 of the 5 positions. I need to work on finishing one and another is at 2-60. More grind :laughing:

Now if I just had an Alby or MN …


If I ever would be as lucky as to get Mother North, I will be tempted to make my defence team entirely with the worst positions, just to test it out and maybe for some fun of it.


With MN you have lots to choose from, although I would guess worst of the worst would be right wing.

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So far, so good!


What order would you recommend for this team?



When I created the guide I wasn’t expecting it to serve as a guide on creating the worst team order possible, but I guess it’s another use of it :joy:.


Actually, in that case I’d swap Azlar and Sartana.
Reason 1: you want Azlar to fire before Sartana in case there are almost dead heroes so that Azlar can finish them off, letting Sartana take care of the heroes with more HP.

Reason 2: you have 2 yellows on that team so it would be better for the purple Sartana to be between them. This would make it harder for the attacker to stack against your team.


I’d say that the current order is fine. You could try swapping Mitsuko and Drake but I don’t think that would make a difference.


Thank you for sharing your view and work.


Why Alice is worst as tank position? If emblemed, does the rogue talent good enough to at least raise to “Maybe” like Marjanna?

My alliance is running blue tank at wars and I have choice between Frida/Alice.

With also as max 5*:
Onatel, Justice, Ravnir
Evelynn, Lianna

What would be for you the best line-up?

I am currently running:
Onatel, Marie-Therese, Alice, Justice, Lianna

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I have to run Alice as war tank too. My other options are Magni 4.80 Richard 3.70

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Really appreciate the time you’ve taken to put this together, feel a little sorry for Margaret as the poor girl apparently shouldn’t be in any lineup anywhere lol. Shes my only other green 5* and I’m wondering whether to stop levellin her, thought she’d be another Inari but maybe not :frowning:

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I would say that Frida is a much better tank.

  1. She has the Paladin talent which naturally enhances hwr as a tank
  2. Her stats are more tanky than Alice.

Alices problem is that she’s just too squishy. Yes she may dodge a special skill with the talent BUT she’s not likely to survive to dodge a special… More likely to die from tiles first.

Alice is best suited to the flank or better yet the wing.


Margaret has a use but mainly against titans. Her attack stat is fantastic and the dodge actually is useful.

In defence she doesn’t have a use. Purely cause she’s too soft and the dodge only goes against special skills.


Fanks Guvnor (cant help but reply in a Cockney accent with that name lol) will keep up with her levellin and sic her against the titans :wink:

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LOL. Poor Elena just can’t find a spot on the roster. :joy:

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I 100% agree with the reasons @Guvnor gave
Another reason is that Alice won’t make any difference even if she fires, she doesn’t hit hard enough to kill a hero and her -attack to 1 hero is not deadly.

Marjana, on the other hand, is much tankier and she applies DoT which makes her an okay tank.

If I were you, I’d run Evelyn-Marie-Frida-Onatel-Lianna.

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