Tanks in advance!

Yep, it’s another team build question. I’ve just gotten to the stage where I have team options.

My current main team is,
I chose this as Sonya is fast for specials, and Aegir can keep her and the healer alive longer if his special goes off.

Ive been waiting for some greens to swap out Sonya, and pulled her equivalent Caedmon this morning, with Kash & John.

Who should I really have as my tank/team order?
With few heroes, should I set a different defense/offence team, or?

Seems a waste to not use green, Domitia, or Wilbur.

Here’s my roster…
Thanks for your suport!

Your best tanks I see are justice at 3.70 or kashhrek. Aegir works too but not at 2.60 and I assume you can’t ascend.

Where’s your 3* heroes? Fed them all? They can be strong for a while. I’d level some 4* at least while you wait for ascension materials.

I can ascend Aegir, just wasnt sure i wanted to.
I have about 30 x 3* that help choose war teams if i need all one colour.

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