Help with team/who to level next

So who do I level to 4th ascension?

Kiril or Sonya ?

Kiril … you don’t have any buffer or healer in your team.

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I also don’t have a dispelled either. And khiona buffs the one nexts to her, so that’s why I wasn’t sure

Kiril does clash with your lineup, unfortunately. His attack buff will overwrite Khiona’s stronger one, and his defense buff will overwrite Wilbur’s superior one. But you have no healer, and that’s a problem.

I think the healer issue win and you should go with Kiril. On offense, be careful of your timing!

Consider working on Sabina as your next purple project. Building out your 4* heroes will be a big benefit long-term.


I am working on Sabina now, all my purpled are going to her. And my green 1* as I don’t need a 2nd skittle now

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