Help with team composition and ascension

I would like to ask for help with my roster.

I have:

Red: Elena 2/60
Green: Skittleskull 3/60, Kasshrek (pulled few days ago) 2/15
Blue: Kiril 3/30, Sonya 2/20
Purple: Tiburtus 3/60
Yellow: Hu Tao 2/47, Wu Kong 1/26 (todays pull)

and bunch of 3* which I am keeping for AW

I am thinking about this team compisitoon in a near future:
Hu Tao - Elena - Kasshrek - Tiburtus - Kiril

ATTACK raids/titans:
Wu Kong - Skittleskull - Elena - Tiburtus - Sonya or Kiril

what do you think, please???

and my next questions, should I ascend first (have materials only for 1 ascension or I am near to)

  1. Kiril or Sonya? /my fav is Kiril/
  2. Wu Kong or Hu Tao? /probably Wu?/
  3. Skittleskull or Kasshrek?
  4. Elena or try to get 4* red hero?

thank you for all your help!

I think

Kiril, Wu e Kash. If you get Bloodtusk you’ll have a very good 4* rainbow.

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Kiril, Wu, and Kasshrek for sure. If you get the materials for Elena, max her. If you don’t have the rings, and you’re able to pull Boldtusk, Gormek, or maybe Falcon in this month’s event, ascend them to max too.
Falcon, Jackal, and Panther are all good heroes from the next event.

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As an overall comment, I’m firmly in the “don’t worry about your defense team early in the game” camp. It’s going to be much more beneficial to you to level up a good attack team so you can get better scores on titans (which will lead to better loot). It can be hard to wake up to a lot of cups lost, but think of it this way - it’ll be easier to win the revenges with a strong offensive team!

To your individual questions:

  1. Kiril is great, and you really need a healer - don’t worry about the relatively low heal, the attack and defense bonus make up for it. Sonya is awesome as well - tanky, fast mana, and dispell is a great combination. You ought to bring her up instead of your greens, in my opinion.

  2. Wu Kong for sure. He’ll be a cornerstone of your titan teams forever.

  3. Kash is a good tank, but like I said, I’d suggest leveling up Sonya before either Skitts or Kash. After you have a solid 4* offense team, you could think about Kash.

  4. Even if you had the materials to ascend Elena, I think you’ll be better served going after a 4* red. There’s not really a bad 4* red. Kelile is the “worst” of the bunch, but she’s still a solid offensive hero. Guardian Falcon would be a great pull if you can get him next week, but the other regulars are good too.

You didn’t ask, but Tiburtus is worthy of ascention materials as well.

A team of Kiril, Tiburtus, Sonya, a red, and Skitts (until you can level someone better) would work well.

thank you all for your help and advice :slight_smile:

I agree with Jalia.

But to answer your questions about ascension. Right now I would say Tiburtus at the point you are at. He is great on titans and works well all over.

If Rigard didn’t save my butt so many times I would probably use him more. I use Grimm (blue tiburtus) instead.

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