🍵 Riddles of Wonderland: Shrubbear – Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

@Bjcult If you use the event to fill your monster chests (in terms of WE to monster amount it is the best one, rare level 3 that is) then you are bound to come across a few. That is what I do whenever the rotating events roll around. It is also a very good way to increase your profile level too.

@LadyAchilles I don’t have him upgraded fully yet but took him into a few revenge raids and I gotta get the hang of timing the taunt down. But when timed right he can withstand at least 3 specials before biting it. And this is only at level 1. When I fully max him out and get him to +20 I intend on testing him against the Dark Lord when I get to him but right now, definitely worth keeping.

If you are gonna use him on raid or war defense, stash him the corner. That way his special isn’t prone to premature firing.

Why is the bear resisting the removal skill of Melendor???
Is the elemental barrier is blocking effects now??
Is the bear is a HOTM and has a innate ability to resist ailment removal from green heroes??

(this happens in level 13 legendary)

Yes. This has not been well communicated, but it appears this has been the intention all along, and after a few bug fixes and much confusion, SGG even decided to document it:

(Description eventually updated in 25.0.1, at least for the heroes – but the event-monster Elemental Barriers are the same mechanic, as you can see from the above.)


Taunt means your allies can’t get attacked, that means, the bear has to get attacked, but even then it is blocked. Plus he has huge HP for a 3*.

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I maxed Shrubber and he works well in the 3* tourney. Was a bit annoyed in the first place he does not do any damage but he is a nice tank…very sturdy, well probably not if you bring im into a battle with 4* and 5* that is…

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@HorstVomForst I plan on taking him against the Dark Lord just for lols. I want to see how much of the direct damage he can nullify with max special.


How did everybody do with Challenge Coins this time around? I cleared all the levels and got 2 challenge coins and then I did Rare 3 for 2 days straight and didn’t get 1. I’d guess around 300 level completions and not 1 coin. I hadn’t updated to the latest update so it makes me wonder, do the coins not drop in Rare 3, did they not drop for people who hadn’t updated the game or do I just have the worst luck in the world?

I ended up with 20 left-over at the end of the challenge.

Had 6 going into the challenge, used 10x. Earned all the completion ones, rest came from doing the stages etc…

Mainly re-did Epic & Legendary stages which seem to have a higher drop rate than the Rare one.

They definitly do drop. Got I think 2 (?) in Rare. One on the first pass, another when filling an Ice-Chest on Rare-2

Hmm. Was sitting at 9 for 2 days. I finished Epic last and was going to to make 1 more pull but the 10th coin just never came.

Did anybody else farm Rare 3 with good or bad luck in regards to coins? I was just lapping up the feeders.

7 coins from previous challenge, 15 coins rewarded, so 28 coins farmed, almost from rare 3 as I dont replay stages

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I kept just one dupe since it’s an event hero.

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I agree 100%

Might also be good in Bloody Battle and Buff Booster depending on the colors allowed.

Seems to work well with Bauchan. I wish there were ways to test this.



(👑 Knights of Avalon: Bauchan – Thoughts & Discussion)

([Stub] Sandbox mode for Tourney)


Hmm see I disagree :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s been my view from the outset that he’s a better flank than tank.

Reason being that you want him to be alive when the enemy specials are charged, meaning you want him somewhat sheltered from tile damage.

I’ve been running him in all the 3* tournaments since his release at flank. In all those tourneys I’ve gotten A rank defence (no emblems on any of the heroes).

I think he’s best suited behind another hero who can soak up the tiles and punish the enemies for sending tiles at them. Shrubbear is just a passive tank, too passive for my liking.

Imho, best tanks in the 3* arena are ones like Gill-ra (bloody battle), Bauchen (all), Armen (v.f, bloody battle), jhangir (v.f), Ulmer (v.f) etc…

Shrubbear is by far my pick of flanks.

Shrubbear also differs slightly from BK and QH who both have benefits beyond just the taunt. BK has a chance for all incoming damage and QoH has the minion and a direct damage component.

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Shrubbear missing Bauchan

A slow flank, except in Rush Attack, might not fire before the center is destroyed by tiles.

Shrubbear and Bauchan ( together they fight crime)

So Healer, Bauchan, Shrubbear would make a good center and flanks since Bauchan helps with mana generation.

But this depends on the resistant color ( see notes ). Often the resistant color decides which center, and flanks, make the Top 1000 defense teams.

Tournaments are … confusing

That does not necessarily mean he is a good defense hero, that does means he is over powered for his Team power ( insert Elo rant here).

If he is 3*+20, attacked 300 times in battle day 3, and A rated, then I would believe ( insert defense points rant here ).


We will just have to agree to disagree.


Click for notes

More defense hits

Resistant color

Elemental shields


Just got the bear but recently maxed out By Ulf

Who would make the better tank?

What is the best emblem route for this bear? Could you please consider including a “best emblem route” in poll form for future hero discussions?


If his skill is active, would an opponent still be able to cast fiends on my allies or will there only be 1 for shrubby?

btw, one of the first posts on this thread recommended full def path and that his def/health stats are pretty great. Of course, that was a few years ago, but still. I just maxed him, but no emblems or LB and Def is already at 512 with health at 888. I found a neat talent simulator, so you can see what a hero’s emblem path potential might be. Going Def / Health / Atk, puts him at

Attack: 381 (lol)
Def: 617 (hey now)
Health: 1032


Only he will get the fiend.

I like taunters against fiend makers.


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