Can Titan loot be different for alliance members?

@Rook… I’ve tried to find a thread with this info but just came across a lot of disappointed ppl not getting what they want.

Is it RNG that allocates different loot to each alliance member? Today a lucky member got 2 ascension items and others got none. Is this a bug or part of the fun?


Yes, that is the randomness fun!


The loot for titan depends on the position in the list. Therefore you got the a+ a b and so on. Even the A loot differ but are same tier.
try this thread


Wow I’m glad I asked. Thank you! I Had no idea the hard workers get rewarded. That’s awesome.

Furthermore, when defeating a titan that claims to have rare ascension mats up for grabs this too is also random and no guarantee?


No guarantee. E.g. many people (like me) tell the weaker alliance members not to be sad to get a C only. I personally got more often 3 star AM in B and C than in A or A+. But it is true, if you get them there, it also could be a 4 star AM which is usually not possible in lower groups.


To clarify, no one in our alliance got the much anticipated telescope. I just figured it was RNG and to be expected. Albeit disappointing!


Oddly, I have received the bonus item on our rare Titans in 3 of the last 4.


So you had a rare titan? You got a better chance to get the telescope no guarantee.


Yes it was a blue Unicorn and showed the telescope as the item. Thank you for clarifying. Appreciate the great work you guys do in this forum :sunglasses:

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Oddly, I’m slightly jealous :wink:

I’ve been at it for about a year and only recall getting the item a few times. I guess the point is RNG giveth and RNG taketh away.

Took me almost a year to get a red 4* troop…got my second a week later.


Based on all I have read in this forum I count myself lucky. Got several 4* heros in my first month and pulled Ranvir from Atlantis. Patience and acceptance of the randomness is essential I feel. Understanding the finer points (eg. My question above) of how the game is designed helps immensely.


The top contributors get more CHANCE to be rewarded - but it’s far from certain. I’ve put 800k damage into a rare Titan for an A+ grade and not received any useful mats while a C grade got Rings and Tonic and an EHT.

Conversely, while on vacation earlier this year and slacking at the game I got a C on a regular Titan myself and received a Damascus Blade.

Such is the nature of RNG


Interesting, good to know thanks. I like the use of the word CHANCE. It really sums this game up. No guarantees! So RNG really is an acronym for Really Need Goodluck.




Rare titans also drop emblems! and other cool stuff!

The 4* ascension item is mainly for Titan loot tier 10, or higher, but people have gotten it with lower loot tier.

Boring link
( Rare titan bonus prize – how does the chance for the extra loot work? Who gets the extra item?)


It’s all random and about how lucky you are, my friend.

In my alliance, I regularly get C level loots from titans. But guess what, my C level loots are sometimes better than A+. So you never know and that’s part of the fun.


There are a lot MORE people who get B or C than A/A+ on titans, so more total ascension material rolls happening in those groups. That’s why it seems like there are a lot more people getting 4* AM at C than at A.

If there are 5 people at A/A+ on a 12* titan, and 10 at C:

5 people x 4 rolls per person = 20 rolls
10 people x 3 rolls per person = 30 rolls

So each individual with a C has a worse chance than each individual with an A/A+, but there are more total rolls distributed across all C than across all A/A+.

That’s why it’s more likely that you’ll hear a C say they got a 4* AM than an A, even though your personal chances for a 4* AM are better as A than as a C.


Ohhhhhh… (the sound of the penny dropping). :blush:

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I understand that Titan loot is different for everyone, however our recent results make absolutely no sense to me. Our alliance just killed the gorgon titan. i had the second highest damage in the whole alliance. I used the most harpoons (11). Every one in our alliance got between 3 and 4 titan parts and other loot EXCEPT ME. I must say I am less than thrilled with this new feature.

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