Raid/War D...Rainbow vs Color Stacks

I had discussed this a while ago on a previous thread but can’t find it so…

I’ve been using a rainbow Defense for both raiding and AW since I’ve been playing, while I believe that Rainbow is best for AW, I want to try color stacking for raid D

Who uses a color stack on raid D?
What do you think are good stack teams for raid D?

@Olmor I feel like I may have been discussing this with you previously…

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@olmor I finally got a few options for yellow tank double purple flank, and now that Kingston is maxed I’m ready to try this D that I’ve had in my mind forever…

Yes, but I don’t know where and when we discussed it before.

My def

Double dark invites a holy stack to get punished by Ursl. Double fire can be countered by ice that is weak against LotL. Powered by minions, HoT, straight heal, dispel, cleanse, mana control, double AoE, double att buff and cleanse keeping me around 2600.

I like stacking on flank/other wing (even on both sides) and weak flanks or weak wings.

Especially a dark/holy center aka yurple can be threatening, since there’s no neutral. An attacking stack is either strong or weak and never neutral.

Progressive def stack:

1 2 3 1 2

1 element x
2 element y
3 element z


Maybe here?


I suppose I would have to stack red against your team. Would probably try mono red.

Pretty cool team- it looks familiar! lol I wonder if I ever raided you


I was thinking Guin tank w/ Ursena and Kage flanks, and Alby/King on the wings.

Since King resists burn which is most red heroes special, I figure bringing red would be a challenge, then Ursena and Kage together would obliterate holy stack which would not hurt Guin…

Thoughts on this?

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I would mono red stack against this team too. Kingston might resist fire dots, but he is on the flank so it doesnt matter. if the tiles let me wipe out guin, I can just ghost tiles where she used to stand and take out your team 1 by 1, starting with alby.

Trying to understand what you mean by this.

Red stack, green stack, or blue stack would all be neutral against dark/holy, no?

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I’m trying a few color stacks right now. Not by choice so much as roster. The defense I’m currently leveling is:

Finley+11 | Sif+9 | Ratatoskr (leveling) | Vela+3 | Natalya+13

Right now Horghall is holding Rata’s spot. When he’s ready Vela will get Horgh’s +9.

Double blue encourages green stacks, will get nerfed by Rata and Burnt by Natalya.
Red stacks get hurt by Vela. With Horghall there, I’m holding 2500-2600 cups daily. Not sure if Rata is going to improve that.

I’m also leveling Costumed Elena, so I can try something like:

Finley | C.Elena | Ratatoskr | Sif | Vela

Also been playing with Sif as tank, pretty good results so far.


Anything you’d like to add?

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I think the point is that you can’t have strong and neutral in “yurple.” At best you can have only neutral, or strong on the tank and weak on the flanks. Pick your poison.

We did that in war for several months. I think it works better there since you are forcing an opponent to use up their heros.

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it’s all trade offs- there is no perfect defense team… just level 30 troops and bad tile sets.

yurple might prevent attackers from stacking a strong color against you, but nowadays with tel/vel pairings and heroes like mits, there are ways to accomplish similar results while using your green blue red heroes.


Agreed, pretty much why we left that behind as our war plan

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As mentioned a few times, Yurple is only feasible way. I have tried and really wanted some to work, they just didn’t. And the kicker for Yurple is having Ursena…it’s really the only combo where if you stack strong against the purple tank with Yellow you not only get punished against the yellow flanks, but then you get destroyed with reflect.

Theoretically i would love to try stacking 3 Reds with JF, BK, and Mits but dont have the emblems to give them a go.

The other Thing to keep in mind when stacking on D is troops. If you have 3 purps and your third troop is lvl 5 you are hurting yourself.

In the end I settled in with :woman_in_lotus_position: :martial_arts_uniform: :wolf: :trident: :octopus: To great success, but have a rework in progress.


Same color is usually neutral against each other, in the case of dark/holy there is no neutral it’s either strong or weak.

So in the case of holy/dark tank with opposite flank, then no matter what color you attempted to stack (yellow/purple), it would be weak against its matching color…example is Guin tank and Ursena/Kage flanks, or Ursena tank against Drake/Poseidon flanks, it would be hard to stack the counter colors there.

Red/blue/green is all neutral against holy/dark.

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So yellow tank with two purple flanks is the viable set up?

I do agree that holy tank/dark flanks are stronger than the opposite.

I think this is only something to consider for raid D btw, I would never do this for AW I still think Rainbow is best there.

He goes with dark tank and holy flanks

I don’t remember the left wing but other than that he uses

Drake Boss Wolf Poseidon Ursena…and takes my cups almost every time i face it lol

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If you have the right team, it’s better in AW because they run out of good heroes. I’ve had great results with the team in war. This is my current war team


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