The Mono Meta

Hi all,

We have just created our Alliance website and one of the 1st Arricles I have written is about the Mono meta and why it is so good. This will be a much more active site so if you like it please follow.

All feedback welcomed!



I have now added a video example to this as well.

Is it ok to contradict the reasons why mono isnt the meta? Maybe have an open discussion on why certain hero setups are more “part of the meta” because of their consistency?

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Please start a new thread about that in #general-discussion.


I have seen the Video. As you had purple matches quite often can you also post a Video with less matches? It seems you could combine purple tiles every 2. or 3. turn which is quite much in my experiance.

Yes, I will do so later. Watch the tactic is to focus then on setting up a 5, any 5, then exploding to refresh the board.


for those who think the emblems are going to weaken the mono meta, the maths says otherwise (in fact contra) as 5 plus attacks will beat 1 plus def even more heavily . I am going to post a series of different metas over coming weeks. Thanks.

You need to be a bit careful with statements like that. There’s very strong evidence that the stacking effect linearizes at high stacks like 4-1 or 5-0. But the same is not true for added defense on a single hero.

Further, the 20% defense boost for defenders magnifies the +Defence gained through emblems. The number of tiles required for a kill will likely get worse, not better, for color stacks with emblems against tanks with emblems.


I made some more tests with raids. Sorry but I cannot agree to you…

  1. Wu Kong is no good option. As you do major damage through tiles and need luck with right colour, Wu makes mono a lottery.
  2. I played 28 raids and lost 15 so 2/3 wins is not true… with more tests I anticipate a classic 50:50 chance to win.
  3. What I can agree to is the fact that you really can beat oponents much stronger than you…but where to use this ability? Maybe in AW when only a big fish stands against you and a re-spawn? Cannot imagine any other occasion.

Anyway, many thanks to bring Mono closer to all of us. It was quite funny to test it!
BTW: my team for mono was blue

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