Poll: Raid/War Color Stacking



When you dive into a raid or alliance war, which of the following do you prefer for your attack team?

  • All-in: Full Mono
  • Off-Color Heals: 4-1
  • Duo of Death: 3-2
  • Tank & Flank: 2-2-1
  • Tank Squasher: 2-1-1-1
  • Rainbow

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Also, why do you lean towards what you do? Do you swap between the above strategies fairly regularly? What influences your choice?

Teach me, oh wise ones of the interwebs, how to color stack with the best of 'em.

EDIT: Seems I missed out on the 3-1-1 possibility. While not necessarily hugely favored, at least 5-10 people have made note that a 3-1-1 is ideal for their situation (generally due to roster limitations).

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Color Stacking Strategies

I would like to see the all-in option label changed to “MONO 4EVA”.



OP here:

I’ve tried a 3-2 approach for a while, but have been encountering terrible boards like, 50% of the time. Because of this, I’ve stepped back and been using a 2-2-1 more often… and more often than not, a bad board does not spell disaster the way that it did when I ran a 3-2.

As such, I now prefer a 2-2-1 where the twos counter the tank and the next biggest threat and the 1 brings an important buff or heal.


-Requires least effort, just using same the everytime regardless of opponent.
-Very rarely lose due to almost no boards being bad.
-Cant beat teams that you shouldn’t be able to (which doesn’t matter once you have a good team).
-Guin. Too op to consistently beat without stacking (see above).

No Season 2 minibosses

I tend to prefer 2-2-1 as a good compromise between increased damage and bad board risk. For some particularly difficult fights (like Guinevere tanks or >20 troops) I’ll do a 3-2 team, but I try not to do it too often.


3-1-1 is my true preference. I find that an off color healer plus an off color sniper/ very fast hero gives me the best versatility to power trade off.


Ya know, I thought about putting 3-1-1, but I figured it’d probably be fairly rare… and the thought process behind it is basically the same as a 3-2.

That’s interesting about the off-color sniper, I hadn’t thought about that possibility!


3-2, 3 in strong colour to tank +Rigard and Merlin(always in raids). With that strategy I geting 200+ points in every war (30 people alliance). I like mono teams to but not that much like 3-2 :slight_smile:


I started using 3 / 2, (red / purple) out of necessity, for those were my only five 4* heroes. In time I got to be able to deploy a rainbow team, but I soon discovered that I have become addicted of the 3 / 2 system, which I find to be the most rewarding one in raids. In war it’s a bit of a gamble, as you get no second chances and tiles may not always work your way…


my preferred raid is 3-1-1 which isn’t a choice. in war it’s different i split either 3/2 or 4/1 (some war teams are 3/2 some 4/1, except cleanup teams which should have more color variety as defenders will charge the aid faster).


…well foo. Apparently I can’t update the poll now that it’s been up for more than 5 minutes.

I was gonna add that 3-1-1 option, too. I’m sad to have missed it! I had no idea that so many people might find such a strategy optimal!


thanks. I generally bring Albi, 3 strong vs tank, and one healer/sniper (if strong has healer then a sniper, if not, a healer). Though against guin i bring 3/2 (albi aeron sartana khiona zeline)


I try to mix up my raid attack strategies regularly, but my preference is rainbow and has been for some time.* The attacker’s advantages are so huge that a properly tailored rainbow team should almost always beat any opponent, while colour stacking introduces the possibility of losing because of bad boards.

Most recently I have been running Zim and Azlar together, and omitting yellow. This produces a lot of nice easy wins, but the cost is regular stupid losses when the yellow gems breed. That’s not a price I’m willing to pay, over the long term.

*(I make an exception for Guin tanks, against whom I stack purple.)


No clue about your choices … its neither I am stupid nor this is not English.
I think I am stupid cause if all voted and answerd then its me :pensive:


@Jedon I just gave them names. As a regular here, I’m sure you’re familiar with the numbers in each option… 4-1, 3-2, etc. Vote based on that. The names are just me being goofy. :slight_smile:

…if you’re not familiar with Color Stacking, there’s a link at the bottom of the poll that should explain the concept in brief.


3-2 provides a good balance between boosted damage and probability of getting tiles to work with. At 4-1, the off-color usually doesn’t produce enough damage to be useful. And 5-0 tends to be too peaky. If there are poor tiles for a couple of frames, I’m usually in deep trouble.


Voted … With out the glassess couldn’t even see there is numbers lol.
Thanks :smiley:


None of the above.

Technically double color, missing color.

==Yellow dilemma ==

For raid I am currently doing double blue no yellow team because Wu Kong does not do direct damage and Jackal really works best with double yellow. If I get Gretel I might go rainbow 4* for raids.

==Hansel & Perseus, together they fight crime ==

Instead I use Hansel for fast mana speed special skill control and special skill defense buff, Perseus for fast non-dispellable -100% Healing for 4 turns, Grimm for Ramming Pulverizer, Scarlett for fast Splash damage and 6 turn enemy attack debuff and Rigard because why would you not bring 42% heal and cleanse on a 4* 3.60/ 4.70 team ?

This team can get into Platinum raid arena whenever I feel like rising out of Gold.

==War, what is it good for?==

For War I create a rainbow team of my best still available healers, then compare them to the war defense team and pick 1-2 of my best options removing the other 3-4 healers. Once I have healer/ healers selected, I select from available heroes ( and special skills ) to counter the enemy with preference to strong color against Center and flanks but picking neutral colors against Center and flanks if special skill better against the enemy. This method often results in double strong double neutral, double strong double strong, or double neutral double neutral versus the Center and flanks.

==Gryphonkit 4-1 Diamond ==

Gryphonkit, my wife, is in mid Diamond Raid arena with Hansel 4* 4.70, Obakan 5* 4.80 and three 4* purples for her attack team. She loves Guinevere Centers, but can take out most defense teams with one or two tries. She made Top 200 Global and fought current #4 Global once ( this is all relayed from her relaxing in her recliner).


I rarely stack more than 2 of the strong color against the tank, but that is because of my heroes. My max 5* are Alasie and Magni for blue, Marjana and GM for red, Greg for green, Aeron for purple, and Delilah and Leo (almost max) for yellow.

I’ve had better results in raids with 2-2-1 or 2-1-1-1 combos of all 5 stars rather than including a 4 star in a stack. I’ll use Hansel against blue tanks, and occasionally Proteus against yellow.

Against Guin, I actually have better results stacking against the flanks because of my weak purples. My best results are against Guin flanked by GM and Zeline. I take Marjana, Alasie, Aeron, Magni, GM. (That’s also my dream team for taking out GM tanks with a green flank).


2-2-1 with 4.80 heroes
3-2 with 4.70 heroes
4-1 or full mono with 3.60 heroes into the mix

Mono is not the best meta (in my opinion)! But what is?