Mono War Defense?

I know that having all members of an alliance use the same color tank is a common war strategy, but have any of you tried setting your entire war defense team one solid color? Or encountered an enemy who did?

If so, how did it turn out? If not, what are your thoughts on it?

I’d love to have my whole alliance set up an entirely red defense team, but I know this is not currently possible for us.

Please discuss.

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Bad idea, since a strong stack of 3, 4 or even 5 will pulverize this team with tiles in seconds.

Rainbow or weak flanks to the tank. Mono will be suicide.

Not a single elemental synergy has the power to stand that deadly tilerain.


Possibly, but not guaranteed, as we all know mono raiding can be risky.

It could be easy-going for the attackers at first, but would it become much tougher after they run out of blues?


Although it would be cool to see and I’m sure it could work vs certain clans (have even heard it has), I think it presents more disadvantages then advantages and the only advantage it is providing is pretty much the same advantage as if you had just had red tanks, and that’s to burn out their strong colors quickly… the problem here is, you’ve now created only one weak color for all of your bases which will make initial hits a bit easier (stack less blue since it’s effective vs all) and cleanups far easier I’d think. Just an opinion though, happy to hear others, I could see it impacting folks that like to stack against flanks.


A 5-stack in a neutral colour should easily take out a mono defense. You would only be limiting one colour in use.


Even 3-2 of 2 neutrals would be effective, just take more hits.


Faced a mono def of darks with about 3K of power. Thought he was kidding or cup dropper, when I looked up the ally after matchmaking, but he fielded exactly that team.

Took it out with my 5 weakest yellow epics not even ascended once or first tier and x. Was just above 2K.


I’m not necessarily for or against the idea personally, just looking for a little discourse, and hoping to maybe find a new strategy. My rainbow defense normally holds up pretty well, I’ve just sort of grown bored of it.

How about any other setups besides rainbow?

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Red flanked by green.
Blue flanked by red.
Green flanked by blue.
Holy by dark and vice versa.

4 weakies towards the tank may also work.

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People have success with raid defenses with setups like… Holy tank, 2 dark flanks or vice versa, I’ve also see a 3 color stager defense from time to time that works well… so for instance… Eve, Athena, Ares, Zeline, Alasie … are any of them more reliable then rainbow… I don’t believe so, but that doesn’t mean they can’t work. One of my quickest raid deaths came from the hands of eve, santa, zeline… I had a huge cascade of off colors and all 3 fired and my team was all but dead in 2 rounds.


I’ve been running a 2-2-1 defense the last couple weeks and it’s holding up very well.


A 2-2-1 is what I’ve been thinking of trying, but I’m missing a couple mats needed to bring up my recently acquired snipers.

I’ve really just been hoping to be convinced that rainbow isn’t the best hands down.

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I wish I could remember more, but I have encountered that in a war. The entire enemy team was full 5-stacks of red. It was hilarious at first, but made it more interesting. I do remember my final raid team being a full 5-stack of green, and being blessed with a phenomenal opening board. I won that battle easily, and was shocked. I honestly don’t remember if we won the war or not though.

Edit - I have recently changed my war defense team to try and play off of color-stacking opponents. I’m now using Ariel, Evelyn, Boldtusk, Buddy, Frida.

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I’ve always kind of wondered about this, too. I mean, yeah, the first round of attacks are going to be brutal and you’re all going to get reset in a hurry. Probably two or three times actually… but what about the fourth round? The fifth? How deep do a lot of alliances go for being able to field mono teams?

It’s probably a terrible idea, but it’d be fun to try once and just see what happens. I think the points you’re going to cave early won’t make it worth it though…

Rainbow on Defense team really gives you a nice balanced team. However, you can and will have many successful defenses using other builds.

I use fully ascended: Zim / Lianna (+1) / Khiona (+3) / Alasie (+2) / Red Hood

Keeps me in the 2500 cup range. Wins a lot of defensive battles for me, more than it loses.

If you find some good synergy, stacking a couple of colors isn’t a horrible idea.

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Is this becoming a thing? Lately I’ve seen alliances using an all mono (and all having the same colour) war defense strategy.

War defense strategy seems to follow trends but is this actually becoming a trend or are alliances just bored and trying something new?


The alliance I’m in did it for funsies last war. Mono red! Our fantastic opponent jumped onboard with the idea and sported mono purple. Was the most fun in a long time, shaking things up a bit :).

Not so sure I’d recommend it as a solid strategy though, lots of oneshots on both sides…


I figured it was more for fun than a serious strategy. For alliances with deep benches it’s totally doable

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@Stargasm mono in defense for me is a suicidal strategy.


If all my opponents run mono defenses (lets say red defenses), and if I want to perform 6 oneshots, I’m thinking of:

  • Running 6 x 5 blues mono team -> 30 trained blue heroes, almost impossible.
  • Running 6 x 4 blues + 1 off color team -> 24 trained blue heroes, I don’t think I have so many heroes
  • Running 6 x 3 blues + 2 off color team -> 18 trained blue heroes, I think I have them from 5* to 3* heroes

I would probably go 3x3 blues with 2 off color healers and 2x3 blues with 1 stack on red, yellow and purple in each battle. And I think I would do it pretty well.

If my allies can do the same I think we shouldn’t have so much trouble against a mono alliance defense.

Lets say I fail to oneshot, I will probably take down the opponent center hero at least so an ally can ghost tiles and take down the enemy.

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