Rare titan bonus prize – how does the chance for the extra loot work? Who gets the extra item?

I understand that only those that were in the Alliance when the titan appeared, are elegible for the bonus prize dropped by a rare titan.

What I don’t know is if:

  • There is exactly one prize that goes to a lucky one among those who participated to the titan fight


  • Each participant gets an additional roll and they may or may not get the bonus prize (i.e there can be more than one participant who get the prize)

Does anyone know?


The latter, each participant gets a chance at the bonus item. I’ve seen titans where 8 people got the bonus roll, and others where nobody did.


Thanks. I guess it’s the same probability for all.
Surely it will be very very low and it’s good to know that the Allies are not competing for a single prize!

I’m really pssted . We just fought a Harpy with bonus . I was top attacker and tge only one who got the bonus. My team really poured heart into it. And no ascension item. And I didn’t get the one pictured

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The odds of getting the bonus mat are really low. My alliance has beaten eevry single one since these rare titans were implemented—12* examples—and I’ve gotten the bonus mat exactly once. The good news is that the loot tier is +1 for these rare titans, but that doesn’t help if rare loot doesn’t drop.

It’s a shame that the extra loot roll doesn’t provide for a fairly big bonus chance of getting the 3* Mat of the matching color. E.g., if you don’t get the tonic, you’ll have a high chance of getting a sturdy shield.


Thanks fir the info. Just seem to be running into more things that can frustrate my guys. We’ve got a really great alliance going and hate to keep seeing them get frustrated and quit

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What is a bonus Matt?

With rare titans there is an extra roll at the end to see if you get the epic ascension mat for the Titan. It’s above and beyond the other loot slots. For example, with a rare green Titan, you have a small extra chance of getting a Mysterious Tonjc.

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So your saying it’s like a roll of the dice?
We’ve notice that rewards fir regular titans aren’t always better for A+ I’ve done better with A or B than top attacker is that the same?

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“Mat” is short for “material,” which his what a lot of people call things like the ascension items.

Everything in this game is a roll of the dice. And yeah, B or C tier often happen to roll better than A+.

Please see this guide:

Higher grades always give higher probabilities of getting better loot, but all the probabilities are low. On any given titan, someone at “C” may get great loot and someone with an “A” get poor loot, but on average over time, higher grades on harder titans gives better loot.


Assuming I’ve not made mistakes (which is always possible), I started from the article linked by Kerridoc and summarized in the following chart the number of ascension material dropped by titans:

((Corrected chart below))

Should you spot any error in the chart, please let me know.


At 9* “C” rating gets loot tier IX and hence 3 mats. At 12* “A+” rating gets loot tier XV and hence 4 mats. Rare titans all give an extra loot tier.

People should understand that “ascension mat” doesn’t mean “rare ascension mat.” Mostly it’s strong rope or a sharpening stone.

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Based purely on my experience (9* to 11*) and what I have read, it seems the chance of a bonus drop on rare titans is 5% to 10%. That’s 1 to 3 drops on average for a full alliance.

Does that seem reasonable based on what others are experiencing?

10% seems high. The usual number is one or two.


Our last rare dropped 4 bonus mats, although it usually seems to be 3. Most often, none at all.

I got the bonus item on our very first rare, since then none. I have still to hear of anybody else in our alliance to get one. Not everybody chats but I would say that at the very least half would have mentioned if they got one.

We have also defeated almost every rare, maybe one or two has escaped. I got, that bonus item once and my boyfriend, which is in same alliance haven’t got that ever. Same with many in that alliance. I think, those rares aren’t worthy that extra effort, flasks or good items, which is shame, since at first we all very super happy to get rare. Now we treat those like any other titans.


I posted this in the other titan thread about my baby F2P account on a 5* Rare Rooster yesterday:

Performance: A (I used a flask - I’m normally just in the mid to bottom 10. Our rares and other 5*s normally escape…)
Loot Tier: VIII
Notable loot: Mysterious Tonic, Sturdy Shield, Orb of Magic


I think I’ve only gotten the bonus from a rare once (or twice?) in my main account - only joined an alliance a few months back.

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