Rare titan bonus roll - still at 0 drops

I’m just curious - I am for sure the only one in my alliance with still 0 4* mat extra roll from rare titans. Who in the E&P community shares this extraordinary achievement with me?

I’ve never got it. I’ve been playing for like 10 months.

Have to add, that I’m playing since more than 2 years, so I have hit and killed EACH rare titan since then. Mostly A grade, sometimes A+, sometimes B - but that does not matter for the roll.

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Funny thing is, the one rare titan my alliance managed to defeat, my alt got the bonus tabard and not my main profile. :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Usually only one random player will get the 4* mat, but the last 3 titans seem to have forgotten to drop it upon defeat :wink:

The more stars a rare has the more likely the bonus item is to drop.
But it is rng, and we all know how that goes :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Same here, we killed around 8-10 rare Titans in the 8 month iam playing, but from the active chat members, nobody ever received the mats. Just have a rare 6* Titan now to kill, will share the loot as soon as he is finished :slight_smile:

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That’s not true - the chance for the rare item to drop is always the same. Mo matter, which titan or which grade.

I’m not 100% sure but I believe you are correct about the grade.

I believe I am correct about the number of stars, and am very sure that our alliance gets the bonus item far more often now we are on 10/11* rares than when we were squishing 5*


No, that’s what they announced: It is totally RNG and independent.

Playing for 9 months, and yet to get a bonus drop from a rare titan. :slight_smile:

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i have met about 10 rare ones so far and never got the featured mats, being A+ all the time. Sometimes teammates get one, but none from the last 2. C´est la vie :hugs:

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I had a run recently where I got the bonus on 3 of 4 rares…sadly, the last 2 I have not.

But still better luck overall than most, no sads for you :slight_smile:


I agree.

The Devs gave us vague hints

* Rare Titans have a bonus chance for dropping a specific 4-star ascension material. The bonus chance is affected by how many stars the Rare Titan has. ( Linky, linky)

But still unsure what determines it

(Rare titan bonus prize – how does the chance for the extra loot work? Who gets the extra item?)


Ok, I was wrong.
Sorry for that - nevertheless, we are killing 10 and 11* rares, and I didn’t get any yet.


I have only got it once, but its great when alliance mates get it, stronger teammates is never a bad thing :slight_smile:


Again no bonus drop, but pretty good loot:

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Only once, I got a tabard from the rare Harpy titan.

But with them including emblems now after being defeated, I’m not too upset if I don’t get the bonus ascension mat.

I’ve been playing 10 months and have never received an item from a rare titan. Two alliance mates reported getting an item so they do drop, but the drops seem far more rare than the titans themselves.

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