Someone please tell me the point of Rare Titans?

Honestly, despite all the issues that have plagued various new features in this game, nothing comes even close to the stupidity of rare titans. Out of 25 players on our alliance, maybe (MAYBE) two get an extra item with each titan. In over a year I have been A or A+ on I don’t even know how many of these things and I have only ever received 1 extra item. Either have these things drop stuff or just get rid of them.

Not pointless to me, but maybe I’m not selfish enough to be that worried about my own loot

I’m just happy we kill em and some teammates get something good from it

If it’s me, great, if not oh well, we still progress as a team

Wars has made the growth of teammates all that more valuable. If your teammates are getting good loot from rares, it means their offense and defense teams will improve, and as will yours with loot from other sources :man_shrugging:


I’m with rigs on this. My hope is that someone gets the rare item. We are a team! I’m only disappointed if no one gets it which has happened many times.


Wow that blows! I always thought at least 1 person got a bonus roll, guess that assumption was based on our experiences

Hopefully you guys have better luck, if there’s not a minimum of 1x bonus roll per rare for each alliance then there definitely should be


Agreed! It says “increased chance “ for the item - not guaranteed. Unless my alliance mates are holding out on me (lol) it hasn’t been 100% thus far and we have battled/ defeated many


They gives you emblems



That’s what I’m saying, Rigs, virtually no one is getting the rare item drop. Yes, if a nice cross section of my alliance was receiving them, sure, that’s fantastic. They’re not. No one is. It’s stupid and pointless.

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It’s not nearly 100%. There is no purpose for the feature even being in the game. It causes nothing but false hope and frustration

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I’m sure it is the same drop rate bonus roll as it has been… was luckier early on with a couple of the mats when rares first came out, nothing since.

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While it is only a marginal increase, it does a lot of things:

  1. It forces you to explicitly avoid specific colors… red means no Wilbur, etc, etc.

  2. They pose an actual challenge. There’s nothing quite like defeating your first rare of a new star level!

  3. Sometimes they’re the easy “let it go” choice, so as to keep your guild on track on the appropriate star-level titans.

  4. If everything were always the same level of difficulty, it would get completely monotonous and boring. These guys mix things up.

In essence… I agree with you in that the bonus drop chance that they provide is not noticeable, I’m still certain that it is there and thus useful and effective… and really, I like that rare titans exist, otherwise titans would just be nothing but loot piñatas… and that’s just no fun (IMO).


Talk about boring - we are at 10 star titans and 3 out of 5 tutans is always the gorgon queen - so sick and tired of seeing her

I’m not sure if anyone has ever stated what the “extra” percentage is for getting the drop but I’m sure it’s not that high. Other then the challenge and “hope” it does seem rare.

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I’ve received the rare item a few times. There is always someone in the alliance who gets the rare AM. So, the point is that the team is one step closer to ascending better heroes.

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One thing is sure, rare titans gives you (100% chance) emblems and atl coins.


I’m gonna agree with @Rigs. Since this is a team sport, I’m happy that my alliance mates are getting the extra bonus roll. Even though i have yet to ever receive it.
Also, rare titans are challenging. Without the challenge, i wouldn’t want to play this game anymore.

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  1. Rares give emblems, I think up to 30 - that is superb
  2. Rares give bonus asc. items - I don’t care to whom, but they do
  3. Rares have interesting skills which force you to come up with different tactics

Honestly, fighting a rare titan is the bigest challenge in the game, as it is. And it is fun.
In what sense is it better for anybody if we get rid of them?
Personal satisfaction?
Is that an improvement to the game?
In this game any tiny little bit of anything is better than nothing at all.

My advice to you: don’t fight them - they never drop anything so why try?

And I want the SOLUTION badge right now! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I suspect that the chance is halfway decent (1,5 - 3 % — four star items usually drop a lot less than that), and it is an additional roll, not affecting the loot you get from the rest of the titan. I got the item once, I think, but I think that we have let more go than killed, as they tend to come right as you are reaching your limit on what you can kill in the time allotted. (Or you invite mercs, I guess.)

High level titans

Rare Titan loot , like all Titan loot, is based on the number of stars. So 5* Rare titans have a lower stand alone 4* ascension item roll, emblems, coin and loot tier than 10* rare titans.

5* Titan Battle Items

Rumors from Beta claim that items like 5* Caltrops ( damage plus Titan buff removal) will help fight rare titans.

Reflected Color

Rare titans force you to level more heroes since one color is reflected.


Here you go:

:white_check_mark: @Pois1 has received a badge for serenity NOW!


(Rare titan bonus prize – how does the chance for the extra loot work? Who gets the extra item?)


I feel you. In 9 months of playing I have never recieved a rare bonus. I just buy all my 4* a.m cause if I didnt I wouldnt get any at all. Cant wait for this weeks raid tournament. Really looking forward to my 1x gem and 1x arrow. So worth playing all week for loot as good as that. Or maybe I’ll get in the top 1% with a 2% chance of 4* a.m hahahaah. Ffs

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