Rare Titans Extra Loot

Rare Titans will also offer a bonus chance to receive a high-level Ascension Item as an additional reward to one lucky Alliance member.
Does this mean that only one member can get the bonus loot?

Not necessarily true. It just gives a bonus roll for that 4* item, and depending on individual luck, multiple players can get it or no one might get it. Depends on the RNG. :slight_smile:

Based on the admittedly very incomplete reporting from my alliance members, it seems that the “no one might get it” result is by far the most likely outcome. So far no-one in my alliance has ever reported receiving a bonus AM after defeating a rare titan. They’ve occasionally reported getting other unfarmable AMs from the normal loot rolls, but never the bonus AM.

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Agreed… The most likely outcome is no one receiving the extra bonus… Actually some members from my Ally have received other *4 AM as part of normal loot from a rare…

After 8 months playing, I have received only 1 Scope from a Blue Rare Unicorn Titan performing an A…

In my alliance, someone sometimes gets the bonus item, but I guess the odds might be very low, so more often than not no one gets it. Ofcourse, after paying for 10 months, I have never received any bonus item from the rare titans and I am usually A/A+ on the titans.

It is mostly rng. It is a low chance but a low chance is still a chance. My alt got a tabard from a Queen Harpy. And that is the only time I have ever gotten a rare item from a rare titan.

Yeah, is really annoying. In 2019 one scope from Unicorn. And we defeat it at every 2 weeks. And one time I got 20 emblems. Most of the time, only 5…

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There is zero guarantee that any member will get the bonus item. My alliance has 14 members, in the last 4 rare titans we killed, only one member got the bonus item, one time.

On the other hand, several of us have gotten better loot overall from the rares vs. the normal ones. It seems that the rare titans might have better loot tables than the others, but that “rare” bonus item is still just that - “rare”.

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Got one on my last rare bringing me up to either 3 or 4 since rare titans started

I believe, and someone can correct me if I’m wrong about this, that defeating a rare titan does bump the loot up one tier. So if an alliance were to kill a 6* rare titan, a player that earned the A+ grade would receive tier 10 loot rolls.

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That’s probably accurate. Even though I don’t remember ever getting the bonus item, the rare titans do tend to give me other items that I don’t normally get from “regular” titans.

Working as intended.

Bonus loot is way rather than an actual unicorn sighting


I have managed to get bonus item maybe 3-4 times, with my two bigger accos during 1,5 years, playing in alliances that never miss rare titan.

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