🧭 Rare Quest - Farholme Pass (Blade/Compass) [MASTER] - [Latest 12/09/2019]

Hello everyone!

Today we get to claim a Damascus Blade and a Compass for completion of the Farholme Pass. These are necessary ascension mats for 4 and 5 star heroes.

To the new(er) players: complete as much as you can, it is okay if the last stage is too much.

To the advanced players: gets those mats!

The bosses are Dragonian Mages (holy) and Epic Rock Elementals (ice).

The Dragonian Mages hit you with Blinding Curse which gives you -19% accuracy (including your special) so bring antidotes or a healer that dispels status ailments from all allies (ex: Rigard, Vivica).

Good luck everyone!


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