🧭 Rare Quest - Morlovia (Tabard/Trap) [MASTER] - [Latest 2019.10.02]

Morlovia this time I bring Vivica 3.39… she is very good, as well as in raid.
I definetly will give her darts if I have 6, but next month is Neith, we will see if I can get her or not and is she better after released.

Here, my last Stage Video.


The final stage of Morlovia was tougher this time than I remember it being. The two bosses targeted Vivica first and killed her. Then they took out Alice and Marjana. Evelyn and Melendor kept each other alive for a bit but then they got taken out too. 75 gems later and I finally got through it. I have Quintus at 3/70 and Jabbar at 3/60 but I’m leveling Proteus (2/18 atm). I know everyone will say to save everything for Proteus.

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Did anyone else notice the sweet scarecrows? Have they always been a part of Morlovia? I know with the return to Morlovia seasonal event we could get Vlad, Valeria, and Victor but adding the scarecrows to the mix would be pretty sweet.

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Yes, agree… I bring always proteus even opponent all is purple, except maybe for reflect purple color.


Scarecrow skill is like Sartana.

I agree design Scarecrow is cool, but it would be better if the skill has more unique not like sartana.


Yeah I agree with that, when the special went off it felt exactly like facing Sartana

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Tried on autoplay, but had to deactivate it during the boss battle.


Seems like I always forget until it rolls around. It’s much harder than the final stage of other rare quests. I don’t think I could finish it without Onatel. That Deathstrike is just too powerful for you to allow it to fire very often. Mana control is critical.

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