Rare quests are too hard! (Sensible tips for new players to beat 4 level in rare quests)

+Revive scroll from MV

Sensible tips for new players to beat 4 level in rare quests
1.Stack strong colour
As you can see I take 2 yellows (2x for purple) and 2 reds (1x for purple) I can use my second Bane but he is unleveled so I decide to stack by my strongest colour(red)

You need at least 3 of them. Don’t take only healers, this gonna kill you.

I take 100hp potions (better chose than 225 ones, trust me), you must watching, if enemies hurt you by ~300 keep your hero hp at ~400.
Arrows can blind enemies(only for boss wave) and this can save you. Mana potions(I don’t really need them) boost your healer if you must heal more than 1 hero or boost your attackers on bossfight. I got revive scroll but with more hp potions (100hp, 25% mana, arrows, 225 potions) it can be possible.

4.How get to the boss?
Keep alive all your heroes, this is necessary beacuse boss oneshooting them. Best strategy is killing middle enemy and ghosting(send tiles in free space for 2x mana regeneration) keep alive 1 enemy in every fight, heal as much as you can by skills, charge your heroes and then kill last one by tiles.

5.Boss fight
This is hardest part, keep boss blind. You must kill mobs first and leave boss as a last enemy. Use your potions, ghost and fire to boss by skills and some tiles(best only in your strong heroes colour), you don’t need atidotes beacuse he oneshoted you so poison do nothing.

I hope it can help somebody


Thank you @zephyr1 for your changes, I think I make my post topic too sarcastic :slight_smile:


No problem! I thought they were useful tips, so I wanted to make sure they’d be visible and easier to find. :slight_smile:


Super awesome!!! It can be done!


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