Rare quests are too hard! Part 2 (Sensible tips to finish last stage for new palyers)

1.You need Gunnar/Kailani, Aegir if you are lucky (but don’t use Wilbur, in last stage there are 2 bosses and you want kill one of them as fast as possible and then kill second one, take Wilbur if you have dispeller hero)

2.I’m shocked beacuse with spirit link one strong healer is enough (Kashrek is ok bu not the best for this) or 2 3* maxed healers if you don’y have 4* one (Kiril/Boldtusk will probably need another healer)

3.Items like on screen, hp for them who need some healing but healer isn’t ready.
Mana only for spirit linker. Spirit link should be still on but use mana only in boss fight.
Axes for boss fight, keep -atk still on them, this is very important.

4.You need lucky board like always, I beat this Farholme in second try.

5.Make smart moves, charge your heroes before next wave will came, get as many diamonds and dragons as you can.


And here is Part 1 if you younger player:

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