Past Challenge Event Scores Reference Consolidation

Want to try to rank in challenge events but don’t know what kinds of scores you should try to aim for each stage? Want to see what scores other players have to see if you have a realistic chance at ranking in top X? I do too! It’s hard trying to find the one or two people who are willing to share their scores, so here I’ve decided to have a master reference thread.

This thread will be updated as I get bored and have nothing better to do than to crawl through older threads for relevant posts.

edit: Contributions are very much appreciated!

edit2: as data is lacking currently, it may be somewhat useful to consider other events too for a ballpark estimate of which stages are easier to get higher scores at. Also, right now, the most data I have is for Teltoc.

edit3: Also caution, some of the scores are taken relatively early on, so their rankings would have dropped. Be sure to check the amount of time left when available!

Pirates of Corellia Scores (rare)

Pirates of Corellia Scores (epic)

Pirates of Corellia Scores (Legendary)

Guardian of Teltoc Scores (rare)

Guardian of Teltoc Scores (epic)

Guardian of Teltoc Scores (legendary)

Knights of Avalon Scores (rare)

Knights of Avalon Scores (epic)

Knights of Avalon Scores (legendary)


Fables of Grimforest:


Guardians of Teltoc:


top 100:

top 1000:

top 10000:

Source: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9


Fables of Grimforest Epic:

Riddles of Wonderland Epic:


Fables of Grimforest Legendary:

Riddles of Wonderland Legendary:

Guardians of Teltoc Legendary:

top 1000:

top 10000:

top 100,000:

Source: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

Thank you for creating this. I search for these scores each month. I’ll be coming to this thread quite a few times over the next few days. I’ll also post my scores later.


I’ll post mine when I finish Pirates

Pirates so far.

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Great placement so far on rare Pirates. Who is on your team @bobiscool?

Thanks for making this.

That’s not me, that’s @DaveCozy he can teach you all the secrets of ranking in challenge events.


True. I didn’t follow the “source” saw you posted it and figured it was you.

@Math-Teacher This is a good topic to start with :slight_smile: Challenge Event Strategy Reveal

It’s using the old CE format, so the only difference now I’d say is that emblems on your strong damage dealers are going to be important to kill the bosses in the end stages.

Leveled troops aren’t necessary, but they most definitely help kill the first wave of enemies (particularly in the later stages) much quicker and get to the bosses faster.

I only compete in rare, but the strategy should be similar for all tiers.

Keep in mind too that competing is very expensive with resources. Battle Items in particular. Unless you are P2P, I would only recommend competing when you have the resources, don’t be afraid to hoard.


That video is great. What color stack do you use for Pirates?

Update, here is my epic event in Pirates. Over 800K points with this team and only the 3 healing items you see. I did use two flasks though to grind through a few stages again. It is possible :slight_smile:

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Thanks for using my score from last event. I have my final epic score picture below which might help others to see how far i dropped from the original post until the end for future comparisons.

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thanks for providing valuable data :smiley:

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Rare and epic right now (i don’t touch legendary with only 3 maxed 5*!). I did a few replays but will see where I’m at on saturday and go from there.

2nd update rare & epic. Will start to replay some levels today but tomorrow will be day to improve everything and then watch sunday where i settle into the rankings.

Final scores. Pirates is my worst event for sure. I didn’t replay much since i was not even close to higher loot tiers on any difficulity.


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