Challenge Event Strategy Reveal

Hi everyone! I’ve spent the last week putting together a full guide on how to compete seriously in events, and finished this video just in time for Guardians of Teltoc! Good luck to everyone fighting for the top spots or just aiming for completion, and I hope guide this helps. I’ll try to put out more videos on events every month, and branch out into titan, war, and raiding guides in the near future. Please like this video and subscribe to the channel if you find it helpful! That will help me know how if I should keep making content like this.


Thanks for explaning your strategy very well.

But that’s what’s wrong with event highscores in my opinion…

I can totally see how this is unappealing to you and many other players. I don’t believe that the current scoring system is the best possible, but I always enjoy finding out how to maximize my performance within the system that exists.


Thank you for the great video @Wharflord! Lots of great info!

@anc1ent1 You may find this helpful. good info here.

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Just to reiterate what I find to be the most critical point here - it’s all in the combos and keeping that ‘average’ number high. I have an alliance mate who has been in touch with you and UCLA and when she told me this my scores SIGNIFICANTLY increased.

My second point is - I always thought Karil, Isshtak, and the bid D (Dawa) were useless. Based on this, is it safe to say they should be part of your mono event teams?

To place in the top 100, nevermind top 10 or higher takes a lot of time and investment. It is not for the faint of heart.

Thanks for sharing this (but ■■■■ you for letting the secrets out!)


Bueller? Why isn’t this plastered to the top - it is basically a how to - if for no other reason than to get into the tiers with the troop token outside the top 100…

Well made! Thank you and hope to see more videos!

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