Challenge Event Ranking Target Scores Guide

I did the scores compilation thread a couple days ago, but I realized after starting it that it was rather hard to read and not a very clean format.

After playing in a couple of Challenge events, I now have an idea of what kinds of scores to expect each stage; a target score for each stage. I’m sure most of the seasoned challenge event veterans (like @DaveCozy @zephyr1 @vanZille @Achilleus) do too. So for people looking into dipping their toes into ranking on the challenge events, I’ve created a table here for you guys to see roughly what you should be scoring per stage for the most commonly sought after tiers. The guys above, if you guys feel any of the numbers need changing, please tell me!

Mods, if you think the threads are too similar, merge them if you like. I just thought maybe this deserved a stand alone thread so it’s clearer and people don’t have to trudge through all of the posts in that other thread to find this.

Disclaimer: These are recommendations only, and do not guarantee anything. Scores vary, sometimes widely depending on the month and event. These are only reference numbers to get you started.

Update April 2020: Target scores for the TOTAL section changed for each tier to reflect the increasing competition every single month; these are my ESTIMATE numbers for this month (April, 2020) and does not guarantee success.

Target scores for individual stages remain; they are a GUIDELINE to show you where you should be around for your target rank; you CANNOT score in the lower range for every stage and expect to rank. The lower range of the target is there because it is assumed that you will get some really good stages with scores that are higher than expected.

You should be aiming for the upper range of the individual stage targets to maximize your chance of getting in your desired ranking tier.

Stage Rare (<10,000) Rare (<1,000) Epic (<5,000) Epic (<500) Legendary (<10,000) Legendary (<1,000)
1 29,000 - 34,000 31,000 - 35,000 38,000 - 42,000 43,000 - 47,000
2 30,000 - 34,000 32,000 - 35,000 38,000 - 42,000 43,000 - 47,000
3 31,000 - 35,000 33,000 - 37,000 40,000 - 44,000 44,000 - 48,000
4 33,000 - 36,000 35,000 - 40,000 43,000 - 47,000 47,000 - 53,000
5 35,000 - 39,000 36,000 - 40,000 43,000 - 47,000 47,000 - 53,000
6 36,000 - 40,000 37,000 - 40,000 43,000 - 47,000 47,000 - 53,000
7 36,000 - 42,000 40,000 - 46,000 45,000 - 53,000 53,000 - 58,000
8 37,000 - 44,000 40,000 - 46,000 45,000 - 53,000 53,000 - 58,000
9 53,000 - 65,000 60,000 - 70,000 70,000 - 82,000 75,000 - 85,000
10 44,000 - 51,000 48,000 - 57,000 57,000 - 66,000 64,000 - 70,000
11 45,000 - 52,000 48,000 - 57,000 57,000 - 66,000 64,000 - 70,000
12 45,000 - 52,000 48,000 - 57,000 57,000 - 66,000 64,000 - 70,000
13 57,000 - 68,000 66,000 - 76,000 76,000 - 85,000 82,000 - 92,000
14 57,000 - 68,000 66,000 - 76,000 76,000 - 85,000 83,000 - 93,000
15 57,000 - 68,000 66,000 -76,000 76,000 - 87,000 83,000 - 93,000
Total 693,000+ 745,000+ 870,000+ 950,000+

Refer to actual scores obtained by players in past events here!


what rankings are these target scores for?

it’s shown at the top; rare <10,000 (so top 10,000), then top 1000, then epic top 5000, epic top 500.

legendary 10,000 and 1,000 hasn’t been done yet cuz i have the least amount of exp with legendary.

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I actually don’t — and I was looking at Pirates from last time and noticing that my score is considerably higher this time, but I’m ranked lower.

So I’m actually not sure that the premise of comparing scores across Challenge Events — even instances of the same one — is particularly informative.

The way you’ve set it up with broad ranges for the rough Loot Tiers might be general enough to be reasonably accurate and useful, but it’s really hard to run Stages based on it.

I’d recommend following the same approach as I’ve suggested in the past, comparing to scores from the current Challenge Event, either from other people, or by looking at your own scores relative to each other for the clearest opportunities for improvement.

It makes sense to have this separate, I think, or at least to have it as the top post of the other thread.

I’m going to move it to #player-guides though. :slightly_smiling_face:


When I play through stages a bunch of times, I realize that there’s a “ceiling” score for each stage; like, if you play it perfectly, you won’t get past that score (barring like, completing the stage in 1 second with a 50-chain combo or something crazy like that).

So I think having a rough idea of the amount of points possible for each stage is extremely useful; like, if you are at 60% of the ceiling score, that stage is probably a better replay candidate than a stage where you already are at 90% of the ceiling score.


my bad, I didn’t read the table properly.

good stuff, thanks for sharing!


That would definitely be useful, if we could figure out something to roughly call the ceiling.

But the top scores for Challenge Events seem to go up each time — so the actual ceilings may not have been found yet.

If we better understood exactly how scores are calculated, we could probably deduce some theoretical maximums. Some of the top competitors may have already done that.

That might be an interesting undertaking for you, if you’re interested.


zephyr dishing out the homework.


Probably, but it would take quite a long time. First, I would need to get a G.Falcon in June :smiley:

But I think “relative ceiling” is a good enough indicator, as far as replaying stages is concerned.

What I mean is this.

Let’s say I have a team of Wilbur, Falcon, Scarlett, Lancelot, Colen.

Given my personal strategy/abilities/internet speed etc, My effective ceiling for each stage is X.

Now, maybe someone with Wilbur+20, Falcon+20, Scarlett+20, Lancelot+20 and Colen+20 with better strategy, faster fingers and reaction time etc has a higher ceiling per stage.

However, in terms of understanding which stages are better replay candidates, we only need to know relative difference between stages;

i.e We know that stage 7 and 8 probably has about 115-130% the amount of points as stages 4-6. I don’t think that’s going to change because we discovered better strategy or better event heroes come out in the game.

So if your score for stage 7 is 150% higher than stage 6, you should probably replay stage 6 instead of 7. If it’s only 90% of stage 6, you should probably replay stage 7.

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This is basically what I’m getting at.

There must be something that determines the maximum Health, Match, Enemy, and Time Scores for each Stage.

While some heroes make it easier to play faster and score higher, the scores themselves are obviously formulaic.

I’m just not aware of anyone publishing any attempts to figure out exactly what those formulas are, or how the values vary between Stages.

This is basically how I decide what to replay off my own scores if I don’t have someone else’s scores to work off of.

I’m looking for scores that seem anomalous relative to others — though I typically look across multiple Stages, because a particularly good run on Stage 7 in your example may be distorting sensibilities about Stage 6. I like to check that by also looking at scores for 4-8 and assessing the trend across them.


thanks, I’m finding this very useful in deciding which stages to replay. It gives a good, rough indication of where I can possibly do better, and what I should aim for.

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NP. The way my ranges work BTW, is that I assume everyone has a good board/stage every once in a while. So some of your scores can be in the lower part of the range; because those high scoring stages compensate for it.

But if too many stages are in the lower range, you wanna try to replay a few of them, and if it’s lower than the lower range, then you definitely want to replay it so that at least it’s within range.

If you’re comfortably scoring above the upper range for stages, then you should be completely confident in reaching your goals, or consider moving to a higher goal.

This “ceiling score” would be helpful to know, even if it’s rounded or approximate.
Like a perfect run with mysterious chest
Perfect run no chest.

yeah, I realized that when I wrote the post, but I’m hesitant to give my guesses right now, because I don’t have enough data to back it up. If other players contribute more score data to my other thread and I get more experience myself, I think I can have a pretty good idea eventually, and I can share them.

But I would venture a guess, for example, that if we take ALL of the scores of every single player in Epic, and pick out the best score for each stage and add them together, my guess is that it will be ~1,100,000. I think that’s close to the realistic ceiling for Epic.

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It seems that would be as close to a legit number as we could get without one of our incredibly talented math whiz’s in here. I’m sure there’s an obvious formula for this but I’m fresh out of fingers and toes :joy:

Anyway, thanks for doing this @bobiscool. It was helpful for some of my alliance members.

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Easily accessible reference. Much appreciated. While I COULD bug some alliance mates about their scores, this would be enough for most of my needs. :+1:

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Thanks! Helped me to raise my level on both rare and epic to top100.000 and top50.000 (where at ~150.000 before I started). Hopefully I have points enough to stay at this level.


Thanks again - now I’m at 8654th place in Rare tier. First time I’ve placed in the >10000th bracket for Rare.

Fingers crossed it stays that way…

For Legendary I have 1,089,192 and am currently ranked 675. Hopefully this helps anyone trying to make a last minute push into the top 1000. I’ll post my full scores by level later (I only have them on my work computer).


from experience, this sounds a bit dangerous. For the record, I’m at 6700ish in rare and I’m not sure I’ll be able to stay without replaying a couple of stages.

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