Paladin Dilemma: Telluria vs. Clarissa

I’m saving a lot of gems and Atlantis Coins for Clarissa in May. According to my crazy luck patterns, I reliably get the monthly hero when I want it and that’s the only 5* I get. I’m not complaining. ¯_(ツ)_/¯
For anyone who does not know Clarissa, that’s an upcoming monthly. She’s basically a dark copy of Gravemaker.

I already have Telluria. I expect Clarissa to be as good as Gravemaker, and I’m very excited about that. But they’re both paladins.

First question people may ask is, what else do I have in my team? My current main squad is Kiril, Tiburtus, Jean-Francois, Neith, and Hansel (waiting for Telluria to level much more). I have no max-ascended 5*, and I plan on saving my ascension materials for a dream team. Right now, Telluria and Clarissa are the only ones eligible for that. So as far as I’m concerned, Telluria & Clarissa are the only heroes on the table that really matter.

I would like to max one (or both) of these without waiting first for a new A+ tank or dark hero. Goodness knows how long that will be. Anybody got insights they would like to share?

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I would play with what you have and emblem Telluria. No guarantee to get Clarissa, even with your so called crazy luck. Do you spend a lot summoning or are you really that lucky? If lucky, your luck WILL run out. The house always wins.

Or just wait a month, see if you get “lucky” again, and then decide.


Put some emblems on Telluria, you won’t regret it. Arguably the best tank at the moment. You don’t have to give her all your paladin emblems immediately anyway. You may spare a few nodes worth for Clarissa to see if you get her, if not just boost up Telluria. Reset tokens are also not that rare also, personally I have 13 lying around my inventory. So if you somehow are not satisfied just reset Telluria, without losing anything.


I’ve got a sort of mix of luck and spending. The only summoning I will do before May is spending challenge coins on Wonderland. With VIP, Atlantis offers, and leftover gems in my vaults, I’m expecting to summon 30 times in May from gems alone. I’m also finishing up Season 2, so I’ll have 1700 Atlantis coins waiting. That should be nearly 50 summons. Plugged into my calculator, my odds of getting Clarissa or Gravemaker are somewhere around 50/50.

Anyway, with the understanding that my luck might run out and I should expect it to someday, it’s all a hypothetical situation. Thanks again for the caution. I was sweating some as I decided to dive for Telluria


Because of the emblem conflict between Telluria and Clarissa, I’m planning on trying to pull Jabberwock in the Wonderland event coming up. I’d like to upgrade from my current purple wing. Still will try for Clarissa though since she’s that good (assuming she stays a purple Gravy after release). Jabberwock v. Clarissa would an interesting question, if Telly were not in the mix.


Ooh, that’s a bold move! Have you targeted 5* like that before and got them? How many summons are you charging up? I’d rather have Gravemaker than Clarissa because of the emblem conflict, but 0.2%-0.3% chance per summon looks small to me even next to 1.3%. I only really target monthlies because of that, but I layer my targeting on events like Wonderland just in case

Oh, maybe I wasn’t clear. I’m not planning to spend spend spend until I get Jabberwock, just that I’ll use the gems I have floating around on the Wonderland pull, instead of holding them all until May to go for Clarissa due to her emblem conflict with Telluria. Clearly chasing one particular event hero is a losing strategy from a probability standpoint, as @kadaxas points out. However, I don’t have any of the Wonderland 5* and would be happy enough pulling any of them. But if I had a choice, I’d want Jabberwock, then Rabbit, then Alice, then MN. Hatter would probably wind up sitting on the bench for a long time since I’d rather use mats on others.


In my honest opinion, Telluria will be the best Tank for a few months so put emblems on her. Five or six should be ok to start with. Keep the rest for Clarissa if/when you get her.
Good luck


That’s twice I’ve heard “keep them both, start on Telluria, but then split the other emblems with Clarissa.” That’s not what I was expecting. How often do people split emblems between two good heroes like this? In the long run, would two A+ heroes at rank 10 on the grid work about as well as an A+ and an A hero both at rank 18?
I recognize that can be hard to say if you don’t know who the A hero would be, but for sake of conversation

I wouldn’t recommend splitting emblems if you’re planning on using Telluria as your tank. Fully embleming your defense team is best strategy


I have currently split my emblems between Telluria and Richard.
That’s because Richard is my war tank.
But both heroes work really well at +7
And a 5 star rainbow defence team with all at +7 and with the right level troops works very nicely and will keep you in diamond

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I split on my Ariel and MN…it gives both some talent chance.

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I’m literally in the same situation & state of mind

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Telluria is a known quantity… You have her and you know she’s damned good.

Clarissa could still change before release and there’s no guarantee you’ll score.

A bird in the hand - I’d do telly.

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In the photographers scene they call this dying with the advertising brochure in your hand…

You’ll soon see antother hero that needs paladin… etc. etc. Just throw it in Telluria and if you regret it, you can get them out again. I’m sure you won’t regret :smiley:

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Thanks y’all! I’ve got another question now.
I have 6 tonics and 8 tabards. It’s taken almost a year to get these. If Clarissa & Telluria are both A+ paladins, would you recommend spending these precious materials to max ascend both? Or would it be better to have a lesser A-grade green or dark hero, so I have no future emblem conflicts? Once I’ve max-ascended a green and a dark hero, I expect it to be a very long time before I can do it again.

You can build attack teams around both heros as each are top notch heros. I wouldn’t hesitate to ascend both and split emblems between the two.

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I got my telly to 18. Any emblems i accrue from now on will go to clarissa. I already have 65 so that’s one down! Lol

No guarantee you’ll get Clarissa but I would save the emblems for her in the off chance you do get her. At least as she stands now she will be great and you still have Tell and your emblems later should you decide to go that route. I have the same dilemma (709 paladin emblems) and a lot of red paladins which I didn’t want to spend emblems on. I was going to give them to Telluria but already have a decent tank and just see more value in Clarissa for my roster (provided she doesn’t get cut to pieces before release).

Alright, I just found out they nerfed Clarissa. :joy: They brought her DoT down to 224/2 turns instead of 298/2 turns (which Gravemaker had). Does everybody think that makes this an easy decision? Would anybody say Clarissa just became merely an A or even a B hero? Would anyone say she’s still an A+ to potentially compete with Telluria? That 30% special skill defense still looks kinda shiny

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