Kage or Freya or Clarissa

Have a choice to make in a couple days.

Kage or Freya or Clarissa to final stripe. Only have the mats for one. The other two may take months to elevate.

My current relevant purples are shown below.

Initial plan was Clarissa, but now w Telly nerf coming that may change thinking.

Kage fell into my lap and complicated plans this past AR.

Freya just looks fun but I’ve not used her much and don’t think she fits my strike teams that well - but I may be wrong


CLarissa or Freya is my vote.

Clarissa for speed & damage. Don’t see how any nerf of Telluria affects this as both were paladin class anyways… Plus clarissa is still devestating at very fast.

Freya has some nice synergy as a support hero when paired with your two Seshats :slight_smile:


Hello you. Hope you and the alliance are ok.
In my honest opinion, for what it’s worth, I would focus on Clarissa. I have
Good luck

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Wow kinda insane kage is the least important nice rosta BTW.
Clarissa is awesome def be great to your purple squad of doom

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I’d hold off for a week or two to see what is coming up with the nerf of Telluria and possibly buffs of others in the “rebalance”. That may change your calculation of the relative values of these different heroes. For example, if Telluria is badly damaged in the rebalance, then maybe you’ll be more interested in putting emblems on Clarissa than otherwise you might be (If you have Telluria).

Of the three, @Halifax, if you lacked purple snipers, I’d have said definitely go for Kage. But that’s not a problem for you. So between Clarissa and Freya, you can’t go wrong, but personally, I’d go for Freya since you already have some pretty hefty purple damage dealers, and Clarissa would just be incremental for you.


I would do Kage…his dispel before hit is awesome even though he kinda sucks for enemies less than 50% health. Clarissa seems pretty meh to me honestly and Freya is REALLY niche. Just my opinion.

Love / biased towards healers and “healers” - Freya

Need a dispeller and sniper - Kage

Want something to make you feel like you have GM - Clarissa

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I use Kage constantly and am certainly a fan. So far Clarissa hasn’t impressed me much. Every time I use her I feel like she is just out there trying to tickle the enemy to death. I think I’m being a bit unfair on her because my Kage is at emblem 18 and Clarissa has none, but thats the impression so far.

Freya seems great, but I don’t have her. She would be good if you needed a fast support hero, but if you are cross shopping Kage and Clarissa then it sounds like you don’t particularly need that. Victor’s defense buff at 6 tiles also makes her somewhat less enticing.

My thinking is Clarissa is more a defensive component to add to Vela and JF and Drake and whatever tank we end up on after Telly’s lobotomy.

Kage is a VFast striker to pair with Victor - but are yellow war tanks going to still be a thing by this time next month?

I’m absolutely loving having Jackal and Malosi who run wild after part of the board opens up (3-tile charge, yaaaassss please)

Freya … I’ve long been partial to healers as well.

Right now I’m leaning towards Kage.

I was always a big fan of Cage and even emblemed him to 18. I just found with the high emblemed defenses he isn’t the force he once was . Anyhow stripped the blems for GM and have started on Malosi ( Miki got three tiers just cause ). He’s good but hitting just one isn’t enough anymore in my opinion ( notably he hits soft if target is low health- which hurts). Halifax I would honestly wait to see what Telluria looks like…if she’s not number 1 tank after I’m going to load up Clarissa ( and you watch - here we go again for a nerf lol)

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PS … your dark hero’s are ridiculous mate lol. Nice squad

Yeah, Clarissa might be better on defense if her emblem situation opens up. I haven’t seen a heavily emblemed Clarissa to raid so far, so it’s hard to tell much. At present I think Jabberwock and Seshat are both better, and Ursena has an arguement too. If Telly and Vela fall far enough to force a move away from green tanks then maybe Clarissa does come into play based on class fit, we’ll see.

One of the nice things about the Kage-Victor combo is that you get the full effect as a neutral color stack, while Clarissa needs to have yellows out there to shine. Since both Kage and Victor are single target you also don’t start losing value from their specials as soon as the tank is daad and hit 3 specials can only hit 2.

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