Hard decisions on pulling. Telluria, Malosi or Clarissa?

Hi! I need some advice on my pulls for those months. Since I’m full FTP i want to maximice my options to pulls some good heroes. Unfortunatelly, those months there are plenty of good heroes: Telluria, Malosi and Clarissa. Wich one I should aim for?

I have mats to ascend all of them and Also most of the emblems( my GM is only need 100 more to 18).

My Maxed heroes are:


Who should aim for?
Any mix of them

Based on what we know right now they’re all pretty good. Telluria is very good and has been released. She goes ok with Evelyn, but the mana speed differential is annoying sometimes. If you have a high level mana troop for her then Telluria, we don’t know how the other two will end up. BUT if Clarissa stays anywhere near her current beta form she is will be very very good too, and you already have Kunchen for tank work


Agreed - Telly has been released and is guaranteed good, if not very good. The other two - always chance they get altered/nerfed before release. Guess it depends how much of a chance you’re willing to take.

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Personally, if it was me, I would 100% be waiting (especially if you’re only going for one) to wait for Clarissa.

She is likely (based on beta feedback) to remain as a Target 3 purple version of Gravemaker.

From personal experience, Gravey is one of the most useful and versatile heroes for offence as well as being a royal PITA for many on defence… I expect Clarissa to slot in nicely also!


Also are there any challenge event heros you would like more than others or Atlantis featured?

I just wanted to ask… how in the world did you get all those heroes as f2p? Any tips you’d be willing to share?


Mostly the wonderland and easter ones (so I can give a good use to my coins)

First of all, toons of luck. My first HOTM was GM and I didn’t know then how good he was.

After that, play a lot (open 4-5 chest daily, perform well in tournaments and Challenges, Titans…) And don’t miss any event or rare/gems quest.

Then, the hard part: hold pulls for those months and events where you are not interested (usualy I pass over pirates and grimtales).

If some month there is a HOTM that is not interesting to you, save pulls. If there is an event that does not interest you, save pulls. In that way you can try your luck on interesting HOTM and events. That is Also frustrating when you save a lot for Kingston & Seshat and you don’t get them…


It has to be between Telluria and Clarissa in my opinion. Telly is one of the best healers in the game in my opinion, but Rigard and Kunchen might be good enough. You already have a solid 3 stack of purples. Tough call.

Clarissa seems like she will be very good. Telluria is also good, and malosi will be fun but nothing groundbreaking. His special skill of shutting down new status effects will be helpful if you play against a lot of purple tanks. Any hero thats very fast, you have to take a close look

I would use all EHT in April for Malosi and then all in for Clarissa.

I would go for Telluria and Clarissa, especially if the latter won’t be downgraded in any way.

Maalosi doesn’t thrill me

dude there is no way you are free to play and have this roster. That’s just a ridiculous statement.

That said, go for Clarissa.


I can guarantee that I havent used a single $ for this game. I only invited one friend for VIP 10 and some gems. You caja see here my roster: Screenshot_20200311-190111-377|281x500

nope, the statistics are not supporting your claim here. It isn’t a function of being lucky, lucky is getting a hero once. You are getting all of them. That requires $$.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter to me if you spend or don’t but it is predatory to set expectations for other users that if they are f2p or cheap to play they can expect this kind of roster.


There’s cynicism and there’s rudeness… And the latter is rather ugly.

It’s possible that OP is telling the truth… There’s plenty of HOTM there, but odds on them are better than for any single event 5*.

I would expect a heavy spender to have more than 2 event 5’s… And I’d expect to see some season two 5’s too.

I would guess OP has probably been playing a good length of time and has held back their pulls carefully… Luck would still be required, but it’s not impossible.

I certainly wouldn’t suggest that your average f2p could expect that level of luck… But it’s not impossible.

Also… “Predatory”?!
In what way could the OP possibly be setting people up for abuse by making such a claim? (Whether true or not).
It could potentially be a bit of humble-brag, but if it encouraged some players to hold back and pull more selectively and spend less, that seems a positive message, the opposite of “predatory”.


give me a break bubbles. You can do the math to estimate a conservative and aggressive range of pulls each month to get the heroes. And then you judge whether it is reasonable for a f2p player to be able to do that number of pulls.

I personally hope that op is spending whatever makes him or her happy. sg deserves it.

But let’s be honest here and not set unreasonable expectations.


I’m not here to stablish any expectations. I’m the first one that admits being Lucky with HOTM and event heroes (but I didn’t get any s2, S3, costume or seasonal 5* yet).

Is there any reward for buying gems? If so, It would be easy to show that I don’t own It. But im not here to discuss about being FTP or bragg about being lucky. I’m here to discuss about wich HOTM deserves my pulls and make the Best desition:


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new users who come to this forum and read the threads to learn how to play the game deserve to be properly informed. They absolutely need to know that your roster and experience are not an accurate representation of the f2p experience in this game. Frankly, not even of the cheap to play experience.

If you simply want advice on which hero to pull, you should limit your original post to simply asking which hero and not add in any additional nonsense.


You are right, perhaphs my roster is not that tipical FTP should have. That información is important because It Will give people some fundation to see what héroes and classes would benefit my roster more.

I Will enforce your mesage to the new players: getting HOTM and 5* is extremely rare and you should have low expectations about It.

That being said, I must say that I have dedicated a lot of time to this game. I have participated in each war, hit every Titan, participated in each trial, open around 4 chest every day and got quite good rankings in every tournament and Challenges (6 Epic hero tokens every challenge).

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