Paladin Dilemma: Telluria vs. Clarissa

a great C+, decent B hero.

Well, there is a chart here to show comparisons. It still looks to me like Gravemaker’s a little better, but she may still pull off an A. I would think, anyway.

…Yeah, she’s probably not as good as Telluria…

Next question: Do I still spend the 9,000 gems and 2,000 atlantis coins I’ve been stocking for months this weekend, or should I wait some more for another monthly hero? I’d really be drawing in hopes of pulling Kageburado or Gravemaker at this point…

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I’m in the exact same boat…and will probably pull in Atlantis like you for Gravy or Kage. Clarissa wouldn’t be a bad consolation prize.

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that chart is super misleading because everywhere clarissa has an advantage, it’s literally less than 1%, and also some advantages are double-counted, which is just bad logic.

But the DoT reduction is significant, especially after emblems.

July’s Atlantis looks really nice with Miki and Drake and Ariel. But we don’t know what the July HoTM is yet, which kind of sucks considering we’re almost in may.

Other than that, I guess might as well pull in may. There’s always a slight chance SG will have a change of heart and release clarissa before she was broken.

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That is totally true. The stat differences don’t matter at all. Really it’s the paladin class and the 30% special skill resistance that she has over gravemaker. But GRAVEMAKER! I love how he shreds things, and now Clarissa doesn’t do that quite the same. I’m not against SG in their decision–I do think Clarissa was better than Gravemaker before with her element link, and I think they should avoid making heroes quite at the Gravemaker level (or higher even).
I am kinda jipped, but kinda also not because the class conflict is solved. But now I may slink in the shadows and wait for a better monthly…
Or try & get Gravemaker himself…
Decisions, decisions… First world probs… If I do all my summons now, that’s the end of my record largest savings… etc., etc., etc…

Epilogue: Telluria is now my first max-ascended 5*. I spent all my months of savings tonight (50 summons). I got Mitsuko and Clarissa.

The luck trend continues… ¯_(ツ)_/¯


I had a 20 pull with diamonds and 3 token pulls hoping to get either GM or kage or Clarissa.
I got GM with just 2 pulls left so I’m mega happy :grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:

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I got quite lucky not too long ago and managed to score both Telluria and Clarissa (F2P) from the gems I saved up. I’ve only played this game for slightly over a year and don’t have a ton of emblems.
I did a quick count and I have 570 Paladin emblems at the moment. Both Telluria and Clarissa are Paladin class and will probably be in the meta for quite some time.
So the questions are:

  1. Is it better to invest all emblems into 1 hero or split them equally?
  2. If it is better to split, which level emblem class level should I stop at for Telluria? (emblem class 8 and 10 require 125 emblems)

I’m leaning towards bringing Telluria to emblem class 7(since class 8 requires 125 emblems), then allocating the rest to Clarissa. I believe Telluria should be of slightly higher priority since she’s in the tank role.
Appreciate your kind thoughts and feedback.

Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome to your new thread. :laughing:

These people from earlier answered my question pretty well. I believe it’s best not to split emblems. I recommend one or the other. I chose Telluria because she’s definitely one of the top tanks in the game right now. Also, she’s terribly fun to use with her minions. Once I started bringing her into campaign fights, my Kiril never had to go off a single time. Using her minions as (actually quite sturdy) shields while the rest of the squad regenerates is far more effective than I had thought. If you need a tank, she does her job very well.

Also note, the game just barely announced they will be nerfing Telluria. I hear they nerfed Boldtusk after his release and he’s still among the very best 4*, so I have faith that they won’t nerf her too hard. She will still be very good, but remember, she might be slightly less shiny come a month or so.

All this being said, I haven’t used my Clarissa yet. Still leveling her for that. Very Fast skill also looks like fun, especially when I get a level 11 mana troop for her. That’ll mean she only needs 6 tiles, or 3 miss tiles, to fully charge her skill. :smiling_imp:

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