Paladin Emblems - Tully or Clarissa (When Alliance is not using Green Tanks)


I have both Clarissa and Tulleria, where the former will soon hit Level 80 (just got the last Asc. material for her). My Alliance is not using Green Tanks (currently we use purple, but this can change to red/blue at anytime) plus in Raids I don’t put my strongest team - so I can open Wanted quests chests more frequently.

In Wars, Telluria will serve as a green flank, for the seen future.

Reasons for Telluria -

  • Top Tank / It seems everyone is prioritizing here - probably for a reason.
  • My offense often goes with Proteus+18, where Clarrisa DOT and his sometimes override one another.

Reasons for Clarissa -

  • More offensive in nature - which is the part I need more right now. A bit more viable for Titans?! (none of them is great for Titan, IMHO)
  • Clarissa is my best Purple War Tank - so fortifying her further.
  • Like Guin… Telly will be nerfed again sooner or later. A bit forward-thinking, though…

My other main heroes (except Tully and Clarissa) are Ariel+7, Lianna+9, Magni (then Proteus, Wilbur, and 18 more maxed 4*)
I also don’t have a leveled Red 5*, Waiting with a few options for a few months now (Azlar, Elena, JF). I most likely level JF as he seems to work fine with Clarissa.

What do you think? Any recommendations?

Thanks in advance!

P.S. - I have about 450 paladin emblems free currently, but more will come naturally…

Tel-money is the going tank these days, and C-rissa is still in the discovery phase.

If you want a tank or flank, I don’t think either would do you wrong in either position.

If you want the tank focus then Telly. If you want all-around, go Clarice.

Personally I’d experiment with it before investing emblems. Since you will have both maxed.

Speed is death. Speed is meta. That said, fast flanks on a Telly Center pose a challenge.

I think Clarissa will become a sneakier play here, especially as we learn how to best use what she brings. There’s no learning with Telly. You just get hit and passively react with some serious wrinkles for the enemy.

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