Thoth or Clarissa?

So, I was lucky enough to pull thoth on last Tavern. I have a 3.70 Clarissa and now thoth is at 3.70 too. I have materials to ascend just one. Since I have Tellu I think thoth will be more usefull to me because I have plenty of sorcerers emblems ready for him and Clarissa will not have any emblem any time soon. I read some topics and all say that thoth is almost garbage. Should I wait for another heroe, go with a non emblemed Clarissa or give thoth an opportunity?

Sorry if my english have some errors but it is not my language.

Thanks to all for at least reading it!

Clarissa is good even without emblems and I will definetly max her


Definitely Clarissa over Thoth.


No doubt.


Who are your other ascended 5*s? Do you need to fill your defense with another 5* hero or not?

Usually I’d also say Clarissa, but if you need to fill your defense then Thot’s decent for that on wing (can be annoying to kill and his minions can proc Delay).

All depends on who else you have.

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Even an emblemed one? I know his damage is nothing great, but I though the minions will make him tough to kill…

I don’t have good 5 besides Tellu. I only have Malosi at 4.8 and now working on sif. Others 5 are Justice, Baldur, Raffaelle and Tarlak. All at low level yet…

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Don’t even think about maxing Toth. One of the weakest heroes in the game. Go for Clarisa


Hmm it’s a tough choice. Thot is decent with emblems for defense, but there is no question that Clarissa is a better hero in general. However, she does conflict with Telluria for emblems.

My gut is telling me to just go with Clarissa, the better hero


Yes, I know that the moment I level one of them I will get a good one not paladin class :grinning:

Easily the better choice. Without a buff, Thoth remains a poor choice versus most purples. Only one he is better than is non-costumed Quintus.


Another vote for Clarissa…very fast…


Clarissa with no doubt. Very fast mana, great elemental link…


This thread gives you a huge list of reasons why you should NOT waste any feeders on Thoth: Why Thoth-Amun Needs a Buff

And this was over 1.5 years ago in November 2018! He’s even more useless these days. Clarissa all the way.


Clarissa. Epsecially if you have Telluria. Telluria stalls, Clarissa kills. Even better if Vela joins the party.

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Clarissa…and then Clarissa.
Thot is garbage.
Would you prioritize any red 5* over GM?
That’s all folks!


Interesting, I had Sargasso as worst dark 5*.

But the general sentiment is of course spot on, Thoth hasn’t aged at all well.


Going by Anchor’s grade Thoth and Quintus are still B, while Sargasso and also Myztero are C. The former two probably need a regrade (that was not done for quite some time), though I have to admit they were problematic on a occasion to me (ill placed Quintus’ special after Isarnia just fired wiped out my entire team). Myztero also looks bad on paper, though for obvious reasons I can’t back this up with the data.

Anyway, the point is Clarissa owns them all. Alone.

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Black Knight is the one hero that would make me hesitate a bit if I was down to my last 6 rings.


I like Sargasso over Quintus. He actually has a secondary power which has utility, beefier than Quintus, faster speed as well. Quintus has… a weak ■■■ AOE and paper armor.

AOE vs Target and Nearby is a standing debate of course.

I also realize we are arguing the point of “who is worst” and thats a little silly.

Quintus-C is better than Sargasso by a long shot.


Myzterio is not even worth taking seriously as a hero. I played him extensively in Beta and he didn’t live long enough to be fun. Battles where he made a difference were won already without him.