Optimal level to use trainer heros

Howdy fellow gamers,

First I would like to thank the entire forum for your contribution it’s very useful for my game progress . I have been playing the game for the past 4 months and regular reader for the forum ( didn’t care to create forum id untill now) . I have few questions which needs some clarification.

Lvl -31

Iron - 19,18,18,18
Farm- all @ 14
Iron storage - all @ 18
Food storage - 13,12,12,11
Forge -7,5,3
House - 9,8,8,5
Barracks- 1
Watch tower - 15
Tc -4, 11, 11(in progress) ,17( in progress)

5*- nill
4*- melondor 4.70, grimm 4.70+1, Wu Kong 4.70, Sabina 3.60, cyprian 4.24, caedmon 4.18 , gormek 3.18
Danz 3.60, Sabina 1.1 ,wu 1.1 , lixiu 1.1, lJ*2 1.1

3 stars
Red - 3.50- hawkmoon, Azar, jahangir, nam2, nashgar
Green -3.50 berden, brienne
Blue - 3.50 Gunner , gato
2 , Valen , ulmer
Yellow -3.50 bane, dawa, Melina
Purple - 3.50 balt, chochin, gilra, renfield

Plan to work/ Work in progrss
Red - Rudolf 0.18
Green - muggy, friar tuck
Yellow- kilani 1.12


  1. i got Rudolf y’day until then I was lvling gormek ( have Am) . I’m thinking to stop lvling him and lvl Rudolf which is faster and better for Telco event this month.
    Is that adviseable ?

  2. how should I take my buildings forward ? Should I concentrate on storage first than the resource buildings ?

  3. what is the optimal lvl to use trainer heros ? I use them at 4 stars (1* after lvl 3.45, 2* after lvl 4.50).

  4. I read someone they collect 15-20 WE flask how is it possible ? I get Max 2-4 from events and chests. Do you speed up the chests ?

  5. I don’t have much emblems most in 60-100 range in each category. Who should get those ? my thoughts grimm (att+ health) , Wu( def+ health) rest I’m planning to wait for better heros. Any suggestion?

  6. how to lvl heros? say your working on gormek and you get BT considering you have Am for both and Max grimm. Stop gormek and start BT or finish gormek first ?

  7. once I reach TC 20 , I’m planning to keep running 2 TC11, TC 4 on flex (1,2,4) based on backbags n swords. This gives me opportunity to lvl my current heros and go for limited new heros. Is this Okie or should I upgrade my other TC 11 to TC 20 to get better heros ?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Sorry, not sure what the question is… You didn’t actually ask one :wink:

Regarding “Optimal Level to Use Trainer Heroes” there are two lines of thought:

  1. Use the Trainers when the Food Cost is at its highest
  2. Use the Trainers whenever.

Option 1 is regarded as the most “efficient” as you’re getting the best bang-for-buck in terms of food usage… Lower levels cost less food & as such you can spend 1 & 2* feeder heroes without any fear of wasted food. Higher up, it costs more per level and at this stage, trainer heroes become more efficient. HOWEVER, in stockpiling trainer heroes, you will inevitably consume roster space…

Option 2 is easier to do… usually adopted when Food Efficiency isn’t a massive priority. You essentially feed the trainers when you get them… The Exp gained is the same regardless of when you use the trainer… all that changes is the overall food cost of fully levelling a hero.

Personally I subscribe to option 2… I haven’t been short on Food in a long time & roster space is usually one of my biggest concerns.


My bad, I thought save edit is like draft didn’t knew it will post.

Ahh there we go:

Answers - Guvs Opinion

Question 1

Rudolph is imo the best of the red 3* heroes. the sniping damage is a bit less than Namahage but he has the mana cut & a meat shield. I would level him up if I was you :slight_smile: won’t take long either

Question 2

In terms of the buildings, finish the training camps to lvl 20, at least 2 anyways. If you run TC 11, TC 11, TC 20 & one floating between TC 11, 19, 2 & 20 depending on surplus you’ll be in good stead
Then probably work on your farms & mines. Need a good supply of materials if you wanna really progress :smiley:
Once thats all done, probably work on your Barracks. If you can start levelling troops up you’ll see a dramatic increase in your performance. Troops impart BIGGGG boost to the hero base stats.

Question 3

Answered this one earlier :slight_smile:

Question 4

World Energy flasks accumulate pretty often. For me personally, I get between 15-25 per month. My main sources are:
Event completion. Get 6 for simply completing all the stages across all 3 levels of difficulty
Event Placing. There are an additional 6 you can get if you place well enough in the events
Titan Rewards. I usually get 2-3 per month from titans
Elemental Chests. Most common of the flasks rewarded in an elemental chest. I usually get 3-4 elemental chests per month (there are other threads about how to increase the amount of chests you get but in essence the more chests you fill, the faster they appear).
Then WE Flasks also appear in other sources: Mystic Vision, Wanted Rewards, war chest, war victory etc…

Question 5

There are other threads about who gets emblems. I will refer you to a great one done by Scarecrow:

My suggestion is to emblem who you use most.

Question 6

Level heroes… well this is a bit of a loaded & deep question…
My personal method of levelling heroes is to level 5 at once, One from each colour. This gives the best experience as it makes use of the 20% bonus experience on offer for “on colour” feeding.
Set up your training camps as per above for the best & most efficient output of feeders.
Avoid scatter-shot levelling. Finish projects or at least to the end of their “Free” ascending (where you don’t need to use rare & unfarmable materials. 4* hero this is 3/60, 5* heroes it is 2/60).

Good thread about the Training Camp setup:

Good thread about hero levelling in general:

Question 7

Answered this one above.
My advice is to run:
1x TC20 permanently
2x TC11 permanently
1x floating training camp. TC 2, TC11, TC19 or TC20 depending on what you need & what you have excess of.


Thanks for the guidance :slight_smile:

@Guvnor Okay, that’s how most high-end players do it - what would you suggest I do as a low- or mid-end player? The issue I see with having 1 x TC 20 2 x TC 11 and 1 x TC 2 (or 'the floating camp) - the issue I see here is that as a low-end player I don’t have enough Adventurers Kits so as to run TC 2 all month long. Shall TC 1/3 be used to level up heroes then?

In the past it was fine because I only leveled 3 star champions. Now my roster is deepening, I am getting more and more four stars to work on and I cannot imagine leveling them using 1* fooder only, that would slow the progress to a complete crawl and may make it harder to level up the special (or so I think). Currently I am bringing a couple of my four star heroes to 3/60 and soon I will ascend them, but by then I will have finished my TC 2 queue so leveling them on tier 4 using only 1* fodder and ocassional 2* from TC11’s will make the progress barely visible.

What can one do in such a case? Am I doing something wrong or is this how it is supposed to look like?

Well, why do people (c2p) spend so much on pulls, even though that if/when you finally get the hero of your dreams, it will take ages, literally, to level it? And 5* heroes take even longer, can’t even comprehend leveling them with 1* feeders alone!

Well, I know you can and get feeder heroes from farming, rare quests, events and whatnot. Is this how this realistically looks like for a C2P player who can’t farm a month’s worth of Adventures Kits?

TC 19 is out of question because don’t have TC 19 researched and no ham to run it.

I am trying to juxtapose the leveling issue I mention here versus how the advice I was given sometime earlier into the game - get some four starts, get some five starts, go, go, you need them now. But nobody really mentions how long it many take to level them!

I guess I am constantly proven this is Empires and Patience after all and it doesn’t just stop when you get some new heroes, it never stops!

@Guvnor if you could let me know if my vision of leveling my four stars is right or if you could address my rant somehow and confirm it, that would be much appreciated.

BTW Thanks for your Guardians post!

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Have seen and will answer in a bit. Just making dinner!

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Alright @krzysiekx lot to break down so bear with me.

As a general rule of thumb, my advice on training camps:

  • beginner players is to run: 1x TC13 rest at TC11
  • For intermediate players: 1x TC20, 2x TC11 and the last one floating between TC2 and TC11
  • For advanced F2P or C2P players: 2x TC20, 1x TC11 and the last one floating between TC2, 11 and 19
  • For advanced P2P players: 1x TC20, 2x TC11 and last one floating between TC 2, 11 and 1
  • For very advanced players who don’t need anymore 5* heroes: 2x TC11, 1x TC2 and last one floating between TC2, 11 and 19

I understand the hesitation regarding using 1* heroes to levelup up BUT you gotta do something with them. Some players adopt a SECOND levelling team which is offset from the main levelling team.

  • The further advanced heroes in levelling team 1 get the 2* and up feeder heroes.
  • The less advanced heroes in team 2 get the 1* heroes.
    In doing this, you make better use of your food reserves as you don’t “waste” it on the higher levels feeding small exp.

To answer some of the scattered questions:

Nope that’s pretty much how the middle bit of the game goes.
There does come a point tho when you’re swimming in hams and don’t really know what to do with it… At that stage you’ll look back and laugh :slight_smile:
My main is in the “hams are endless” stage while my alt (VC2P) is in the “hams are precious” stage.

Yes. That’s the other side of the coin. You can spend money to get heroes but you’ll Ultimately be stopped by not having materials of feeders enough. Creates a backlog which you can either a) gradually work thru or b) spend more $$$ on fodder and mats.

For the moment, yes. HOWEVER as I said, the further you progress the better you’ll be able to keep TCs stocked with recruits and better equipped to use/feed the heroes you train.

This is poor advice… As I said above, if you summon great heroes, that’s awesome… But unless you got the resources, feeders and material, you cant use them.
Natural progression is to build depth in 3* heroes with an odd 4*. Then you progress to build depth in 4* heroes with the odd 5*. Then as you progress more it becomes mainly 5* with the odd 4*. Then finally, it’s only 5* heroes…

You can’t jump from step 1-5 without many many many $$$$$$$

Hope that helps answer most of the questions…


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