Trainer hero advice


I understand what a trainer hero is but not sure what the best way to use them. I have a red *2 player who is maxed out at level 20. The trainer hero is red. I hear you get more if you match colors of characters. Is it still beyer value to use the trainer hero on the red color or use it to train a character of another color? I have two *3 characters still at *1.



You get like 300 more exp max if u use it on the same Color

Should not really matter


So I’ll be d be better off using it on another character since they still have room to ascend?



definitely don’t waste them on 2 stars

also a tip, train “low cost” heroes overnight, that way u will level heroes faster


Well I don’t have a lot. I’ve only been playing a few days. I have a red and green that are maxed out at 2. Then I have *3 in the other characters but they are only at level one.

So it’d be better to user the trainer on the cheapest of the three?


i dont know what u mean by cheapest but use it on the best 3 star that u got


Will do. Appreciate it.


I’d save trainer for a 4 or 5*. Trainer will advance your 3* very quickly and thus limit chances to raise special before max