Trainer heroes question

just a quick question regarding trainer heroes:

  • i understand one should preferably use them on 4 and 5*, especially after their special has been maxed, and that they should be color matched to gain the most amount of xp.

but, does the amount of xp vary if you use trainer hero early on or in later stages of ascension? is it always a fixed amount of xp? i get the reasoning to save them for final ascension stage, since that one is the longest but in the grand scheme it shouldn’t matter if you used them for example in the middle of the third ascension, right? or am i missing something? does the food cost come into play here?

The experience is the same no matter when you use them. However, the food cost per feeder hero goes up as you get higher in levels. So it is much more food efficient to use them on the last 10-20 levels of 4* or 5* heroes


got it- so it’s mainly a food issue. thanks, this was a lot of help :slight_smile:

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It’s mainly food, but a bit of morale too. It’s so draining watching a 5* munch 10 feeder-heroes for half a level!

Cheers me up to see a trainer make it jump in one :grin:


I definitely get that. One level at a time though… :confused:

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