Best setup for training camps

Hey all, I was just curious on the best way to run my training camps for feeders. Currently I have a level 13, lvl 6 and lvl 4 and have been running two on slow training of uncommon and common and one at regular training when I have backpacks. But the slow ones just take forever, the only reason I’m doing it is because I have soooooo many recruits and not enough backpacks . Any suggestions?

I personally run 3 TC 11’s, and alternate the fourth between TC 1, 2 and 19. Keeps a pretty even stock for me with consistent feeders.


Ok that’s pretty much what I’m doing right now without the 4th TC. I just didnt know if their was a better way, or if I should be actually using TC13 or keep as I’m doing.

Using TC13 kind of depends on your roster. If you already have a decent amount of 4* heroes, then I wouldn’t bother. But if you’re up and coming, I’d have at least 1 camp set up for TC13. 4* will be the backbone of your roster for a long long time!


TC 13 is not for feeders as it takes 2 days to get one hero out of it…there is a chance that you get 4*'s (around 5% as you can see the data of board posts)

Right now I have 16 4*, and 5 5*… but I only have a couple leveled a decne amount and none fully maxed.

Ok that makes sense, so it sounds like TC13 isn’t really worth it.

Based on that, I would not bother with TC13. I would focus on TC11’s, leaving 1 TC for Swords/Backpacks.

Ok awesome, would I use the swords until i have backpacks? Because i have a ton of swords laying around and haven’t used them at all but backpacks are harder to come by for me

Yes. I would use all the swords you can. A feeder every 10 minutes is nothing to sneeze at, even though it’ll be a 1*.


Ok I will do that, thanks a lot.

I would really recomend you the opposite…I thought so and I did run out of swords yesterday using colored feeders needing 1 sword and 1 backpack each…right now swords harder for me to get.

Just still waiting a few days to get my second TC to 19 (first one is running on 20 since I am seriously lacking 5*)…then feeding starts again…so only 2 TC running at 11 now.

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This exactly for me.

That said, farm backpacks all day every day. Or recruits.

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Oh… maybe I’ll just keep going how I’m going… hell I dunno… really seems like there is no right or wrong way

I’m running 2 tc 11.
1 with 10 trainees, the other az a recruits bank, throw in all extra recruits.
1 tc ( level don’t matter) i use as 2 for backpacks or as 1, or 3 (1* every 2 mn.) for swords, you can average 35 to 45 1& 2* every day.
My 2 cents.
Have fun.


The way I saw it, and still see it, is that what materials you have significantly drives what you can do, and it’s all en route to getting at least one TC 20 running full time.

I bounce between TC 2, 3, and 11 primarily with spurts of TC 1 & 19 at times. Use what you have a decent amount of. TC 13 was a good for me for a good while while I was running up to TC 20, but I would definitely push to get a second TC to 11 as you can, then go for the Stronghold & TC to 20.

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I dont really have the food to run a TC 13 if I wanna run tc11s and uprlgrade troops… for some reason I’m always super low on food…

Hi again,
You have to have the storages keep up with the stronghold, the mines and farms, not too far behind. The houses only until you have room for 100 recruits.
You can raise other stuff when you sit there waiting on the stronghold to level up.
As far as troops, for now at least, i only have 1 rainbow of 2 and 3. Just remenber to switch them when using heroes not on your primary team. The 2* are used for the rare challenges on events only so I only raised them to 5. they use too much hams to do more for now.
You have a lot of heroes to level up, that is important, more than tc 13, or 12.
That is going to use up hams too.
Tc 11 are cheap and slow, but they do get you a steady supply of feeders and a place to store your recruits.
Have fun.

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Got 3 camps ATM 2 on 11 and 13
Have two on the cheap just running and leave 1 for swords backpacks on select hero for 10 at a time.
When you have 4 camps I been told it’s best for 3 at 11 and 1 at 20

Also Provence 4 and 5 best for swords n backpacks. Plus 5:8 is ment be good for loot too! Also only 3 flags I play them levels just for fun with random teams. Got 45 swords n 48 backpacks!

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