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Hi folks. I am relatively new to this game and have done many common mistakes already. Spent some money and levelled up Anzogh (2/60), Sonya (3/60), Sabina (3/60), Melendor (3/60) and Li Xiu (3/60). I’ m currently working on Tiburtus, Gormek, Bane, Isshtak, and Karil. The idea i sort of to build a 3-star team but also replace Anzogh with Gormek and Sabina with Tiburtus on my main 4-star team. Good team? (Li Xiu as tank, Melendor as healer, two dispellers (Sonya and Melendor) and some decent hitters (Gormek, Tiburtus, Sonya)I can ascend either a red or a green at this point, but thought I’d rather get my 3* team ready first. Good idea? I also have some other 4* heroes I haven’t worked on : yet: Wu Kong, Chao, Ameonna, Triton, Skittleskull and Cyprian. Wise to wait with these until 3* team is ready? I know Wu kong is great, but still better to wait? What would you advice me to do?

I’d definitely recommend a rainbow 3* team first then 4* in terms of lvling.

But from experience you can easily lvl 3* to 3/50max and 4* to 3/60 using only 1* hero’s without feeling they take forever

So I’d advise whilst you continue lvling your 3* and 4* to the points above, you also ascend first Mel to 4/70 using all of your 2* rainbow feeders and then Gormek

This will mean your both building depth and starting to take your main def team to the next lvl at the same time

I would also say lvling wu should be your first maxed holy, simply because, the best access to mats in early game is from high grades on titans and completing rare quests. Both of which are somewhat easier with a maxed wu on the team

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Get Wu maxed asap for titans and better odds for winning raids vs much stronger defenses.

Thank’s guys! I’ll give Wukong high priority then and let Li Xiu rest at 3/60 some weeks. Love this game. So much to learn!

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Gormek and Tibs are doing the same thing, only Gormek does it better and may even serve as a tank. Another of your available heroes that was a game changer for me is Cyprian. I successfully used him as center of my main attack team for a long time and also as a defense tank up until mid to high platinum arena. Also, Cyprian works wonders against fast mana charging bosses in rare quests and events, making them kill themselves against his riposte. Wu is for titan only use, Skittleskull ain’t worth it… On the other hand I always failed to see why people like Li Xiu… her mana control ability might come in handy on rare occasions, (let’s face it, how often the all enemy team has the mana bars filled at the same time for Li to be really effective) but, hey!.. she hits like a girl!!! I favor Chao over her. My choice for a defense team with your available heroes would be Sonia, Gormek, Cyprian, Melendor, Chao. Good luck!

Li Xiu is used as tank to buy time on opponents special.

Chao is mana control/damage on the attack.

I hate fighting against Li Xiu. She always seems to stop my heroes just when they’re charged up to take her out.

She is so annoying!

I don’t use her on attack though, unless I really need her for colour stacking.

Neah… I always found her to be an easy kill, especially when she is used as tank… I maxed her because I’m lacking yellow power badly… Now I just feed her away as soon as she pops out from TC…


I usually work on 5 Heros in 5 colors for the 20% Bonus of same color feeding.

If you want a 3team for event and tournaments that is a good idea becaus 3 level fast.

Isshtak is not really a top 3* but if you have nothing better…….the same goes for Karil.

In green you want Belith, Brienne, Berden and in blue Valen and Gunnar.

For your 4* Team you have 2 possible tanks. Li Xiu and Cyprian.

A rainbow defense team with Wu Kong-Melendor-Cyprian-Gormek-Sonja is quite good.

On attack I see a purple strike team core ( Sabina, Cyprian and Tiburtus ) which can be powered up by Wu Kong and your only sniper Sabina or you can replace Wu Kong with Melendor for more consistency and an extra healer.

In any case your 4* team/s are shaping up quite well.

May the RNG gods Always smile on you. :smile:

You really dont need more than one of her.

Actually after a year of playing Li Xiu, Rigard, Gormek, Grimm and Skittleskull are the 4* heroes that have not joined me.

Rigard is the one I miss most……sigh.

TC 20 gave me two Rigards last month. Maxing one of them was a priority and he lives up to his name. Pairing him up with Sabina and Proteus supported by BT and Wilbur makes an excellent set-up for taking out Guin, Delilah or Fong tanks.

Many good advices, thanx! Just drew Valen from my TC13. Should I feed him my 2/26 Karil or max Karil first?

Your never redeem the resources you already fed karil, so I’d suggest finish Karil then move onto valen! More lvled hero’s never hurt anyone!


Valen is a nice, fast sniper, I won’t feed him away.

Where you are right now, Karil will still get a lot of use in alliance wars and maybe on your teams for trials including barbarians. Go ahead and finish him.

There are only a few heroes that I would consider dropping my current project to start on, and that has included me finishing 2 3-stars in a color before starting on a 5-star. I was in similar shape to you; Karil was my first non-Bane 3-star, so I started working on him immediately. Part-way through, I drew another hero I wanted more (Graymane, a dumb decision in hindsight), but I still finished Karil first. In fact, I now have a TP of over 3550, and I still have Karil on my bench. He doesn’t get out much, but he’s still good enough I haven’t fed him yet. (That stupid Graymane, however, is a different story.)

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Hm? The only use I can see for the not so good 3* right now is in later rounds of war etc. Is it really optimal to continue maximg those guys (eg. Karil) when you have better options available - eg. Valen? Keep Karil partly poeered up for late rounds in war and rather feed better heroes that can help you take down titans or improve your defense team? Feels a bit like a waste to power up B/C-heroes that soon will be benched …

Example - I did a mistake working on Anzogh early and got him up to 2/60 before I swapped to Gormek (now at 3/12). I find Gormek more useful even partly powered up. Anzogh is still useful as a tank in round 2 in wars. All my investment in those two guys means my red 3* are at low level/not powered up. I have Hawkmoon and Azar. If I was to build a rainbow 3* red I’d choose Hawkmoon, but I already have better 4* healers at 3/60 (Melendor and Sabina). Should I give all feeders to Gormek to make him ready to ascend, feed Hawkmoon to get a good 3* healer for my poor 3* rainbow team or Azar to get a decent red sniper to aid me against green titans? In the short run these choices matter and I really don’t know what’s best

I keep both,maxed them.
I try to have 2 rainbow 3* teams (no dups) + healers for events. You need them to do the rare levels.why + healers? As you advance through the stages you start to need the healers, then double, triple stacks.
I upgrade the teams as i get better, stronger 3* then feed the less desirable away.
Currently i have 14 3*.
Have fun.

You have better healers but not in red.

Azar is not only a sniper but gets you aquainted with mana control.

If you have no good 3* then Level the 4*. Ascend Melendor.

Finish Karil. He is not bad and once done helps a lot in your 3* teeam. Then start Valen.

If you ascend Melendor you cant ascend Gromek, so work on Hawkmoon so you have a 3* healer.

Finish Bane.

If you dont have a decent purple 3* ( Tyrum or Balthasar ) work on Cyprian if you cant ascend Sabina.

Good luck with your next pulls and the ascencion mats.

Great advices. Got a new pair of fine gloves so I can ascend Melendor and Gormek (he’s not yet at 3/60 though). When ascended I’ll feed Melendor and Gormek 2* feeders and Hawkmoon and Brienne 1s. Bane is now 3/45 so I’ll swap to Wu Kong soon. Ishhtak is maxed now. I’ll finish Karil (now 3/14) then Valen and wait for more warm coats to Ascend Sonya. I only have crap 3 purple so I’ll take Tiburtus to 3/60 (now 3/11), then work on Cyprian. Depending on my luck with ascension materials I’ll ascend Wu Kong and Cyprian as my first Holy and Dark I think. Gotta farm thousands of recruits and there’s no rush getting new heroes in the short run :slight_smile:

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