Trainer Hero Dilemma

I have an issue. My gameplay style has been to hold trainer heroes for use on the later levels of 4* and 5* heroes. However, this is causing a problem, as I am holding 15 red trainer heroes right now.

In the last 6 months, I’ve gotten even more red trainer heroes, but only Rudolph and Bauchan as red heroes that aren’t duplicates. Since they are 3* they too little effort to get maxed without using the trainers, but I did use some 1* trainers. I have no red heroes that I really want another copy of (Gormek, Colen, Kellie are my dupes) with the possible exception of a second Namahage, but I rarely use him. I have no red costumes to work on, either.

Would you:

  1. Feed the trainers off-color to clear them out some.
  2. Feed the 4-star reds I don’t want off-color, instead.
  3. Wait for a new red to come along.
  4. Level up Namahage because I can do it quickly.
  5. Something else.

I am working on the other 4 colors, and I need to free up some more space. I have 2 duplicate heroes leveled, and I use them from time to time in war. I don’t generally want more, as I will use them rarely.

For me personally I just feed trainer heroes to whoever I’m working on regardless of their rarity, ascension point or whatever.

Reason I do this is because:
A) the experience amount is the same if I feed it now or later…
B) food is never really a shortage… So I don’t need to worry about food efficiency by saving the trainees for final ascension heroes or whatever… I typically use the excess for research or troops…
C) roster space is always at a premium…

So my personal opinion on what you should do is feed them to your red project.


I would feed em to an off color 5* you’re maxing in the last 20 levels of 4th ascension

I’ve had a ham shortage for 2+ years

If i have excess ham or excess iron, there’s somethin I’m not doing to progress. Just way the game is; always a use for resources

So if i can save hams when feeding without costing too much time before i can use the hero, then i do it.

I dont feed trainers to anything but 5s

I eat the same color trainers first, off color 2nd unless i have a hero of the same color i wanna max and i know that it will be a long time before i max a hero in 1 or more other colors then i eat those trainers first then the same color to top it off

Just way i go about it

And yea I’ll eat off color 3s and 4s too, i even eat those before trainers if I’m doin a decent amount of summons each month since i know I’ll replenish those faster than trainers

And sometimes if it’s a 4* i can get from training camp or i know I’ll see a couple million times again, I’ll go ahead and eat it if i wont be leveling it up before i do more summons


All 1-2* trainers, I feed to whoever I’m currently leveling of the appropriate color. 3*-4* trainers, I save until the last levels of a 5* hero. When it comes to the 3*-4* trainers, I don’t bother worrying about color-feeding, unless I’m leveling multiple 5* heroes at the same time.


HotM for Feb is red. If there is any chance you’re doing any pulls next month and might get JF, I’d hold them for 10 days and see what happens. If you don’t get JF, feed them to your highest level 5*


I just feed them who ever I’m working on! But it would be nice if trainer heros had there own rosta space as @Rigs has mentioned before

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Thanks. That’s an extra reason for me to hold them, as I have multiple Epic Hero Tokens saved. I doubt I get another HOTM, but maybe.

I have 24 EHTs saved and have started stockpiling red trainers myself. Fingers crossed for JF. Good luck to you too.

Trainer heroes you say?

I have saved several of them and I still hoard them. The 3 stars, that not much. I am trying to get more 4 star trainer heroes.

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