TC Strategies to efficiently level heroes

Hello everybody,

I know that this game requires LOTS of patience. I’m trying to figure out what is the best use of my 3 TC’s that I am currently using to farm heroes to level up my heroes.

  1. I use 1 TC for the UNCOMMON training

  2. I use 1 TC for cheap-but-slow training (I like to do this over night)

QUESTION: Should I use the FAST option in my 3rd TC? Is the FAST option even worth it for leveling heroes?

Thanks for all of your help on this. I appreciate it a lot.



So faryou seem to be doing it right. The extra ham you pay for speed at tc3 will lost more than used. And, if you have not done this, watch the speed leveling videos to see how others grow their training camps. Revelate has much wisdom if you can find his archivdd thoughts on this matter.

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Get all your tc to lvl 11. You will use tc11 for as long as you are playing the game. Very cheap and only food and recruits are needed there. You can run 3 at a time.


Thank you to you both for your suggestions and responses. I’ll upgrade one of my TC’s to 11.

Eventually you’ll want to level up to TC13 (to make 3* with a chance at 4*), and ultimately to TC20 (3* with a chance at 4* and 5*). :slight_smile:


Tc13 no. TC 12 yes. The difference in how much you save (from memory so can be corrected) in ham per recruit is minimal. The amount you are spending for a 4* that is less than a 5% chance per training (according to e&p wiki) is too much.

I used the TC13 for my first three 4*, which were game-changing for me. Let each player make their own decision. :wink:


Question, Rook. Did you have TC 20 running when you traines any of those 4s?

Best set up to level heros the fastest.

I posted something a while ago. Here is a picture of my training camp setup. Two at TC 11, one at TC 20, and one at TC 4 but you only need that one at TC 2. Keep at least one going in TC 20 to try for 5* hero. I have two in the TC 11 camps producing extra low cost heros every two hours. The last camp I cycle between using swords and the swap to backpacks. In one day running this set up I produce 80 heros in one day.

You just need to auto farm 8-7 constantly. After you expend you flags produce feeders with your swords first and then your backpacks. Feeding color specific heros from the barracks is a waste of resources
You can ignore the TC 20 info. It is not helpfully for leveling the hero. You can actually run three camps at extra low cost and one between backbacks and swords.

This will all depends on what level your training camps are at, but any of the trainers that do color specific are a waste of resources, took me a long time to figure that out.

I use all 4 for those Low cost to get about 70/day
You want to run the extra low cost at TC 11 because build time is only 2 hours compared to three for the regular low cost, and it is less recruits and food

That last picture was from when I saved all produced heros up. At 19 hours in I was at 73, I got up to almost 90 at 24 hour mark

I use the extra low cost also

Using that set up and diligently farming 8-7 on auto everyday all day until flags were gone I got Alasie from 1/1 to 4/80 in 14 days

A freinds told me another method she says takes about 10 days. I will post later, but you need TC 19.
So FYI… you can fully level a 5* hero in 10 days but farming 6-8 for max recruits (you get 8-10 recruits each time) and then running them all through TC19 for the extra fast training.


If you have the line app and more questions my line app is my gamer tag here.

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I use TC 11 TC 13 (at all times these are going) and then if i have the swords and packs, ill do an element specific on the other one, because i always have 1 or 2 toons needing to be caught up… currently Wu Kong… so im TC Holy, TC 11, TC 13…

Color specific train is a waste. You should never do it!


The 20% bonus isn’t worth it?

No. There are several threads in this forum explaining why. Check it out;)


I have 4 TCs, two of them are on level 13 and the other two on 20. How can I most efficiently use them? I want to store food and recruits but I don’t know if I should use TC13 or TC20.

Store them mainly in tc 11


Just one or two and what should I do with tc13/20 except making 3-5* heroes? I saw a video from Zero, I think he used them specifically.

Colour specific training in camps is not worth it.
Feeding same colour to your hero is worth it.
Note the difference.


Color specific TCs (lv 5-9)
The use of color specific training camps may be worth it for late game players that have an excess of swords and are pre-farming heroes to power level a specific hero (e.g. HOTM). But players without a solid bench or a ton of extra swords, these TCs are probably a waste. For example, Dator did a video on power leveling where part of his strategy was to us the TC that produced blue heroes.

Feeding heroes only the same color heroes
Only feeding the same color heroes to level a hero is totally worth it as you essentially will end up with 5 heroes at the end instead of 4; for beginning and mid game players. The trade-off is that you wont have fully leveled heroes till the end. but after two cycles of doing this, you will have 10 fully leveled hereos and will be able to have a lot of fun in wars and raiding.

But at some point in the game, this strategy also becomes less important. If you happen to have 10 5* and 30 4* heroes fully ascended heroes; then do whatever, it just doesn’t matter.

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Don’t forget that Zero has like 20 fully leveled 5* heroes and 100 4* heroes… I have no idea the exact number but it is a lot. So the completion of any given hero, let alone 5 heroes does very little if anything to move the power of zero’s team. most of us can’t field a bench of 30 completed heroes, so we need to manage constraints differently.

I store food and recruits in TC-20, because I still need a Joon and an Azlar and a Magni and a …

Here is the breakdown of the popular food storage levels:

Mints Time Recruits Ham Ham/Recruit
TC-4 1*,2* 3 4 1,500 375
TC-11 1*,2* 2 2 1,000 500
TC-13 3*,4* 48 70 265,000 3786
TC-20 3*,4*,5* 48 100 297,000 2970

I am always short on recruits and high on ham. Even though TC-13 mathematically is the best… I don’t need or want any 3* or 4* heroes, so I use TC-20 on the very off chance (0.1% or so) that I will get a hero that i want.

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