🔵 [Oct 28, 2020] Trials of Decimation – Guide, Sharing & Discussion!

nice one @SamMe . how did you find Fura? I’m levelling her now.

also curious, did you put Lancelot in the corner on purpose? Lancelot was my 3rd 4* hero and I used to have him between Proteus and one other, so he would charge up two others with his mana boost :slight_smile:


My team:

No items used.

The new emblems will go to Isarnia and Elena.


It was fun to use Fura’s special skill. Damage not too bad imo. However, if I had a second Proteus, I’d take him over Fura.

Yes, I put Lancelot in the corner since he is more squishy than Colen. I tend to use Lancelot for challenge events only… Maybe next time I’ll place him next to the tank though. :thinking:


Probably the easiest Trials for me with the squad: Panther, BT, Isarina, JF and Proteus :star_struck: All maxed and each with at least a few emblems :crazy_face:

To late for team but many slow, really slow

yeah, Lancelot is pretty squishy! I used to put him between Proteus and Sabina, but all 3 were squishy. Now he often goes between Boldtusk (to help ensure Boldy is ready to heal when needed) and Elena (because she’s slooooooooow but hits hard).

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Four star challenge - limited “fighter” power.

Previous team included two 5-stars.

Replaced Magni and Fenrir with Hu Tao and Kiril.
Went well up to the boss stage - no battle items used, charged heroes, and some diamonds ready to go.

Started to get a bit dicey as Hu Tao with no Emblems was no match and I used a few minor mana for healing/attack bonus and Proteus

Finished to preserve my 20WE, but needed those battle items to ensure victory

I now have over 400 Wizard Emblems with no where to put them and using Fighter Emblems on Magni.


4* challenge- def had to use some axes and arrows

5* team- prob would have went with kiril instead of zeline


Continuing with the 4 star only challenge for this current cycle of trials.

This was a relatively tough one for me because I severely lack good hitters for this trial, most of them are support heroes. Anyway, finally I decided to go with the following team. Kasshrek provided some much needed healing to keep Proteus and Sumitomo alive. Boldtusk for heal and attack buff. And CaedmonC was used as a secondary hitter and cleanser. I thought the team composition was good enough.

The mob waves were farily simple, and I had a okay board setup before entering the boss wave. I wanted to try doing it without using any items, but for some reason all the bosses started targeting only BT (which I found rather weird). All the small heal potions I used were to keep him alive. Proteus kept blocking their specials intermittently as and when I was able to charge him up. Took out Oberon first to ghost tiles, then targeted Balthazar and Ulmer was the last to go down. Had to use two bomb attacks to keep the bosses’ attack power under check. All emblems and trainer heroes hoarded for now. :slight_smile:


Carpeting bombing on the boss stage. Nice work in completing the Challenge.

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Yeah no emblems they just die so easily. Had to go into my event weapons storage

Congrats to everyone who did not so far, great write ups and great teams! :+1: I did the 4* challenge.

The team for stages 1 & 2 had no greens due to color conflict with Elena and the mobs. I had Kiril +20 and Fura +20 in place of my greens. These stages went fine.

Everyone seems to have Fura and no one quite seems to know when/how to use her :rofl:. She gets a lot of bench time.

On to the main event, team for stage 3:

Here is the bench:

I plugged in greens for Ulmer. These greens specifically as c-Caedmon cleanses poison and D drop and c-Melendor boosts D. I switched my items so I had small mana in place of antidotes. I would mana up c-Caedmon if needed. Kept dragons in case :wink:

Mobs went fine, made it to the bosses with no items used. Even though I read several write ups first, I was thrown off by how hard the bosses slashed :laughing:. I did lose Colen early to an unexpectedly hard slash attacks. Near the end Hu Tao went the same way.

c-Caedmon cleansing, c-Melendor D boosting, and Boldtusk A boosting really held strong though. I had HoT and direct heal, which was nice.

I ended up using a couple small mana pots, maybe 3 or 4 medium mana pots, and 3 or 4 healing pots. No dragons! :+1:

Even though he died by my underestimating slash attacks Hu Tao is absolutely MVP. He made bosses miss on the regular. Not needing my healing to account for this hits was HUGE. Way to be :panda_face:!

Trainer to Justice (76/80), I have no wizards to emblem, and fighter stashed for Magni.

Good luck out there!


PS Lots of cool heroes getting some love. Aside from Fura lots of people let their Hu Tao’s get some action. A lot of Lancelot too! I don’t know what he does TBH :laughing: :man_shrugging:

Kudos to @ThePirateKing though, breaking out a Sumitomo! :ok_hand:


One of the very few times that I have used him. He had the potential to be a good hero, if only his mana speed was fast. :rofl:


I couldn´t manage the last stage with the heroes I have, but I completed the first two stages with

Costumed Belith
Shadereave (Not levelled fully, lacking ascension materials)

And a bunch of arrows and health potions.

Emblems go to my beloved Grevle, who´s a miracle worker and keeps my team safe every day :green_heart:


Changed the team a bit to have some color stack against the bosses. Kiril out, second Boldtusk in.
BT - C.Joon +6 - Colen +19 - C.Melendor +few emblems - BT+c.bonus+19

Final stage was not immediate, but completed without too much suffering, thanks to the double healing always available. I had Melendor to dispel Ulmer’s def down, but he received every single attack and Balthazar’s special like immediately :expressionless:
Joon’s blinding helped too. No items needed, emblems stocked for future heroes.

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4* challenge - Great idea @Muchacho, this was actually fun to shelve my 5* heros. Thanks!

Double Proteus felt like cheating making sure the mana block was always active. I lost Lancelot not paying attention, although I did underestimate Ulmer’s attack too :sweat:.


Glad you liked it @Sarah2! The more the merrier. We did an all vanilla challenge prior if you really want to get crazy :wink:.

Welcome to the club! :+1:




That’s not Tyrum, Oberon it is… look similiar though :face_with_monocle:
Congrats,… I think next time I will choose Sumitomo better then Hu Tao for this trial…


Oops, sorry, I meant to write Oberon, but mistyped Tyrum… my mistake … I will edit the post accordingly :slight_smile:

I did plan on using HuTao in place of Sumitomo. In fact, for the first two stages I did use him. But I was not feeling it, so for the final quest stage I subbed in Sumitomo, worked better imo :slight_smile:


Dear Reset Emblem,

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