🔵 [Oct 28, 2020] Trials of Decimation – Guide, Sharing & Discussion!

I don’t know guys (@ThePirateKing too) . Hu Tao was my MVP. My healers didn’t have to keep up with damage that missed, which was HUGE. Sometimes Oberon and Ulmer would miss 4/5. Not that his A value is huge, but the strong color against 2 bosses is nice.



4* challenge, because the eligible 5* I have is 2/60 elena…

And besides, it is totally doable with maxed and maybe emblembed 4*.

Mobs went fine

But merlin quickly died to slashes

And proteus… they really do hit hard

But made it with 1 mana and 2 antidote

Trainer to Leonidas (4/40ish slowly climbing to 80), emblems keep for next time it’s time to beef up some heroes for a tournament.


Hmm. That’s definitely one way to look at it. The miss comes in handy. I was just not confident about being able to charge him continuously at slow speed, which is why I guess I dropped him for that final battle. :slight_smile:



4* Challenge


I am really enjoying this challenge @Muchacho. I try to use at least 1 4* hero per trial that I rarely, if ever, use. For this one it was Colen. Not sure why I brought antidotes when using cCaedmon. And I used one against the final bosses! :joy::rofl: Fighter emblems to Killhare, Wizard emblems to Alfrike, trainer hero to Garnet (3/38).


Charles Barkley auto-like!

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