New Emblem Quest Challenge

Hey all!

I know some of you did the all vanilla, costumes allowed, emblem quests challenge not to long ago: @sleepyhead @Circe @Guvnor + more probably :man_shrugging:

It was a ton of fun and I was trying to think of a new challenge to apply that was inclusive so almost anyone could participate and would spice the quests up again in the same way. So my new invited challenge to any who want to participate:

The 4* only challenge!

At this point I would say any 4* from any season or event and costumes allowed. Let’s not over complicate this here.

All are welcome to try on all the quests, or as many as you feel like. Be sure to post in the applicable quest thread because sharing and seeing everyone else try was half the fun!

Also inviting @TGW @Olmor @Mallix who I think did some last time too … maybe … I don’t know I am bat :poop: crazy TBH.

Always open to ideas for future challenges too! The more the merrier!

Good luck out there!



Challenge accepted :slight_smile: Been looking for a way to keep it interesting. I tried building a minion fest in the last trials and that was fun! But minion heroes, though they recently seem to be proliferating, aren’t that easy for everyone to get.


I’ll give it a crack but I think some trials may be a stretch and resort to carpet bombing lol


Lol I do this already anyway :stuck_out_tongue: challenge accepted. Heck I might even throw in a 3* :stuck_out_tongue:


great idea! I love my 4s. Can’t promise I will do it for ALL quests, but i’m willing to give it a shot! (especially as most of my 5s were ineligible for vanilla-only anyway!)


I use quite alot of 4* due to having only about 8 5* maxed ill see what Wednesday brings :slight_smile:


My strengh is on 4☆ so im in


I’ll give it a go, Fun to spice it up!


I have a rainbow farm team of 4s that I can already do this with for rares quests like today’s mount umber. Gormek, grimm, tibs, Peter’s, lady wool. All are +20 but tibs he is just Max as lianna got the emblems and she’s done now but triton might get them or a second lianna.
I also have an atlantis team with proteus, gadeirus, triton, BT and Wu. It’s not all s2 since Wilbur hates me…lol. but those 3 have the family bonus. I could use mitsuko but she’s a 5.

I wish SG would develop a hotm group of 3,4,5 with decent odds for 3,4 as MANY use 4s even in endgame. They fill the hero gaps in my teams of 5s with them and so many are unique and fun. But most of all, far easier to get!


I’ll run it too. If you want any challenge at all you need to bench your emblemed heroes. A +20 4* hero is like a 5* hero, even stronger in some cases.

Will try this challange… in the next trial…
Secret info: reset emblem token reward, if only 4* and below heroes used :wink:

joke… :sweat_smile:


I have plenty of 4* heroes. I’ve never participated in any of these forum challenges before though… how exactly does this work?

Well for the vanilla one, I would just post my teams on the usual Trials thread and at the end of the challenge I posted a consolidated list with links to all of them.

But if we are doing it live, and I think that will be more fun, we could post our teams and experience here as and when the trials occur?

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I don’t do the live thing… and I don’t have LINE… I have Discord, and I can take screenshots of stuffs… but without video proof, you guys will just have to take my word for it when I say that I used XYZ team.

I am good for my word. I am not the type to pretend that I beat a TellyVela with a lone Aife. And even if that did ever happen, I would fully confess that it was the most amazing board in the history of boards that I’ve ever seen.

Ah I didn’t mean video or streaming live lol. I just meant doing it together and posting the pictures of teams and maybe kill shot here. When I did the vanilla challenge, I came across it much later so the others had already completed them. Hope that clears it up! I have no idea how to post videos here either :joy:

It’s easy @TGW. Ideally take a screenshot of your team, some people don’t do pictures and write a list. Either way is fine. Then just a little write up when you’re done like some people normally do for trials on the applicable thread:

🔵 [Oct 11, 2020] Trials of Fortitude – Guide, Sharing & Discussion! - #23 by Robkirky1

Then, some people did a link in Community Content bragging thread to all of their trials for the challenge and said they’re done. I personally did not, but it was cool to see for those who did.

Some people just participated for some of the trials and some didn’t do the challenge at all. It’s supposed to be as fun and easy as you want it to be if you choose to do it :+1:. It is NOT meant to be over thought, like everything else I do :laughing:

@Noble_Weasel usually trial posts too. Maybe he’ll want in as a fellow F2P. Part of me wonders if F2P makes these first two challenges easier because it’s mostly what we use anyway? :thinking:

Have fun and stay thirsty my friend:



Thanks for all the feedback so far!


Truth. Not counting emblemed druids my only minion maker is Buddy. How did Freya and Noor work out? Sounds like an awesome theoretical combo.

Do your best and bomb the rest! :+1:

Now you’re just showing off. :ok_hand:

Every now and then I get lucky :+1:

That is about the same for me. We got this.


Truth! 4* HotM does sound fun. I know I still use 4’s regularly and am level 57 (or so :man_shrugging:). Try putting that in the ideas board! :+1:

Haha, baby steps. I see your point though. If it’s too easy I may switch for myself. Welcome aboard!

Awesome! You also owe everyone reset emblems now. No take backs!


Okay, cool, count me in (assuming I have time and remember to do it LOL). When does the next challenge begin? I’ll have to make sure I don’t accidentally sneak a 5* hero into the mix somewhere.


I think we’re actually looking at doing this Challenge on the next “Trial” - scheduled for Wednesday.
Trials of Mysticism - Sorcerers and Wizards.
Only need screen shots of the final level.

Hope that was the intent.
Could be tough as most of my 4* Wizards and Sorcerers are not direct damage (lot’s of healers).
Kiril, Sabina, Kashrekk, Melendor Costume - Healers
Proteus, Sabina, Cheshire - not direct damage
Skittleskull - My only real damage dealer

Will definitely be using emblems, as I don’t have five 4* Wizards and Sorcerers without Emblems.


So far kiril+9 amennona+18 proteus+9 skittles and last spot maybe alumr ill see how much I can max him at 4/42 iv got the feeders food should be alright. Rest are healers kash sabina costume melendor.