Next red hero

Hello all,

i have now the materials to upgrade the next red Hero to level 80.

But iam not shure which one…

Marjana, Natalja or Elena?

I have Ares on lvl 80.

Which one would you choose and why?


This question has been asked several times before in the forums. It has been answered too. I’ve answered it myself. Try searching to see if you can find the old thread. I really don’t want to type it all out again.

Here’s one vote for ‘these are hard to answer without knowing your full team and what you plan on using this her for (titans, raids, events, AW, all of the above, none of the above).’ That info may answer your question on it’s own!

Please see


Iam always searching for more damage on Titans!

Here is my Main Team and i switch the Titan color with wu kong…

Thx guys and sorry for annother post!

You always want Isarnia, Ares and WuKong. (Or some other attack buffer and armor debuffer).

Sartana, Lianna and Joon look amazing on paper but dont bring a huge amount to a titan fight.
Except maybe Joon with the blind.

If you’re really focused on Titan damage, go with Elena. Her attack stat is very high, so her tiles deal gobs of damage. Put her next to Ares to buff that attack and help keep her alive—she’s squishy.

?? Lianna and Joon are both the highest attack stat 5* in their color that you can get from standard elemental/epic summons or TC20. They are also the 2nd highest attack stat 5* in their color period with only Lady Locke and Musa as higher, respectively. Since most of your titan damage comes from tiles, bringing the highest attack stat heroes to go with Wu and buffer and debuffer seems like a good idea to me…but what do I know?


That is all true, but their specials offer little in terms of titan boosts. (Except Joons blind)

Personally I prefer stacking utility like armor debuff and boosts to maximize up-time and get some redundancy. But its a matter of what other heros you have and what materials you bring/use :slight_smile:

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