2# Marjana or Natalya?

I have a full Marjana, another Marjana at 2.60 and just pulled a Natalya.
I know that Natalya is not that good, but my red team is weak and I need improvements for titan damage and monoteam on wars.
Normally I dont have luck with HOTM (only kunchen from normal pulls), so not much hope for JF.
So, in this case, which one do I choose to upgrade 2# Marjana or Natalya or maybe other from the below heroes?

These are my teams

And these are the rest of my red heroes

I’d go with Natalya. A second Marjana will be weaker than the first since you won’t be giving her emblems too (presumably), while I don’t see anybody competing for sorcerer emblems with Natalya, if you want to pump her up. She doesn’t have mega tile damage, but it’s much better than a second Marjana, even if you don’t give her any emblems. The mana-gen debuff is a nice addition to your stack too.

Kingston’s burn immunity hurts Nat for raid teams, but Marjana’s snipe without its DOT component is pretty weak, so Nat’s higher tile damage will make up a little for her special being useless (mostly) against him.

Also, you should finish a couple more 4*s before focusing entirely on 5’s.


Based on what? She and Jab are the best wing finishers in the game. She is so offensive and terrible, that the wing hit by Natalya doesn’t stand a chance. I hope you understand why, with no further explanation :wink:

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I have like one or two full 4*'s for each color, I though that it was enough, should I focus on upgrading more 4*'s?

Natalya is a great offensive hero!! I dont know why you dont like her! Her DOT is high, she can control enemys mana, this is great for event bosses and titans


Yes! You must have at least four 4* maxed per color before doing your 5*. You need 4* bench for many situations in the game, also they are not as expensive in mats and feeders as 5* heroes

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Yea I’ve heard that she’s one of the best to kill Alby and MN, but not so good for defense. She can easily have a place in my offensive team on wars and titans, but probably I’m going to maintain my full Marjana at the defense team.

Obviously… Marjana is one of the best defensive heroes in the game, her position being wing (as all rogues).


I have stopped lots of 4*'s at 3.60, because I alredy had the mats for some 5* and they seem to be more useful in the long run. Maybe I could invest in 4*'s again for a more complete roster, although I don’t have problem in finishing epic events.


Regarding Challenge events, improving on 4*s will only improve your scores. Not a bad thing necessarily, since red is a great color to stack for all events but Grimforest.

But with that said – if you don’t care about upgrading more 4*s for that purpose, then I’d go with Natalya.

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I’d say wait and hope for a better red… I guess some like Natalya but I am not one of them. I have had her since she first came out and never found she won a match for me.

I have 7 rings, I could lvl her to 3.70 and wait until february…

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