Marjana Elena or Natalya?

Simple question, which one is best for titans and which one is best for raid attack, seems Natalya is best for both after maxed, her skill does 700 x 4 = 2800 dmg can kill any hero and a lot dmg on Titan, I’m not old player so correct me if am wrong

its 700 total over 4 turns, so 175 a turn.

ahh ok so I miss understood, thought 700 each turn lol

That would bbe total borken. yes i intentionally misspelled that.

VI think Natalya is clearly better against titans: similar special damage as Marjana but with higher attack stat (more tile damage) and mana regen reduction. Elena’s special isn’t well matched to titans, but she has a crazy high attack stat, so red tiles will hit hard.

Raid offense I’d give the tip to Natalya as as the ideal Alberich slayer. OTOH I like Marjana’s ability to hit hard on attack, possibly killing a for before it can cast. Elena is brutal on raids, esp with Wu Kong who pumps her attack to nosebleed levels. Slow mana, though, so,I think of her mostly on defense.


Of possible interest:

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