Natalya to tier 4 or wait for another 5* red?

I’m asking this for my husband, he has Natalya at 3/70 and now with Mount Umber and the rings he could ascend her to tier 4. But is it worth it or should he keep the rings and wait for another 5* red? Any thoughts and comments? He’s leaning on hoping for Marjana to spend them on :blush:

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I know his feeling! As a I can see, Marjana is the only 5* RED I would trade Natalya for. I’m in a similar situation. So my plan is: now that we have a new hero of the month, I will do a red elemental 10-pull. If I am lucky enough to get Marjana, then she will be my 5* RED to focus on. If I don’t get Marjana, than I’ll put my efforts into Natalya.

I’ve heard from various very experienced players that they are very happy with Natalya.


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He won’t be disappointed with Natalya ascended.


While Marj as probably the best powerhouse to ascend, I find Natalya to be very effective and a lot of fun to play with. She’s gives a raid more strategy than just point and shoot.


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Thank you everybody for the comments, my husband decided to wait for a while and not ascend Natalya just yet, but knowing him he probably will do it quite soon. :roll_eyes: ( and then after that do a 10-pull on red and receive Marjana :laughing: )

I don’t have Marjana but I would take Natalya over her against a titan. I leveled Nat and I really enjoy what she brings to my raid game. She requires a bit of strategy and it has made raiding a lot of fun. I’m not disappointed at all with her at 80. :smile:

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