Natalya vs Marjana

Who do you think comes out on top? Personally I would have to give the edge to Marjana. Her initial dmg hits hard and doesn’t take 4 turns to see the full brunt as to where Natalya does. Sure the negative to mana regen is nice, but I feel an opponent is just gonna try and heal the damage away before the 4 turns is up. Just seems pointless.

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Natalya mana control is what makes her better for sure. 4 turns may be enough to heal your heroes, but i guess she is not meant to be a sniper but instead for delaying and weak the opponent.

She really is the perfect medicine for Alberich.


Titans: Nat
Raid Attack: Nat
Raid Defense: Marj
General use case: Marj

Depends on your use case and your other options: for players that have lots of options anyway Nat is going to likely be better as she adds something comparatively new, for newer players who are F2P or similar Marj is an excellent hero in her own right.

End of the day it’s not going to matter that much, it’s pretty close in all categories really.


The instant damage dealt by Marjana is important. Dead heroes cast no spells.

Against big things you’re not going to one-shot, like titans and event bosses, Natalya ‘s mana control in very valuable. She’s going to be a beast against green titans.


“Dead heroes cast no spells” that’s so true :slight_smile:
Right now I am ascending both Natalia and Marjana to 3/70. Then I will have to choose. I hope to get Joon or Liana or Sartana before reaching that point in order to have an easy choice :). If it happens (and I trust in TC20 for that) I will ascend Natalia first.

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I’m fine with either one on top … Errr … Wait. What was the question?


Porkins voice: “Stay on topic…Stay on topic!” :grin:


Wedge Antilles’ voice: “Just feeling my years. Speaking of which, I think I’ll get in some Empire and Puzzle practice and beat up on the Titans.”

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Hi All,
I have received both Elena and Natalya this morning.
I have tried both, but I could not get Natalya to use the 292 over 4 turns. Does she need to do something to ‘Release’ the 292 damage?

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Lucky you! Her special works like any other: charge with mana by dropping red tiles, aim and fire.

You Natalya, like all heroes fresh from a summons, will need to be trained up and her special increased from level 1 to 8.

I would like to know about the critical strike when Natalya fires her ult.
Let’s say she gets the crit (from troops, ares etc), does the critical applies to all ticks of the dots (wich it should be obvious lol) or just to the first one (which would rly suck)?

I would belive just the 1st, as dot is typically seperate from other buffs and devuffs

Crit strike does not affect specials at all. Nat is no exception to that.

If you’re looking to optimize the DOT via troops pick your highest attack stat. Buffs do not affect the damage.

But Nat does not do direct damage on her first strike, or does her?

No she does not…

Correct, she does not have any HP impact on cast. All her HP damage is DOT, so it’s not affected by troops, debuffs or buffs in any way.

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Actually her DoT is affected by troop attack value. But its a constant value while a raid is in progress.

And as stated above. Special Attacks cannot crit.


So DoT is not a solid number? is it also a factor like the percentage? Should we calculate like that?


No, it is a solid number as shown on the card. Other things dont impact it

They changed it from Beta then? My misstake, must have missed it.

On Beta the total damage was different depending on the equipped troops attack %.

Appologies for spreading missinformstion.

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