Which Red 5* to 4t (Marjana or Elena?)

So… I am thinking Elena for Tile Damage but also like Marjana as a sniper. Decisions decisions. Also have dupe natalya and zim.

I would say Elena. Marjana’s not as a big priority with Grave already maxed


I want max Elena and make


For green titans killer
And when I’m looking pn your already maxed 5* I’m almost sure you have few maxed 5* snipers


That’s my thought. When I go 4:1 for titans, I always struggle with my 4th red because Grave doesn’t make a lot of sense v titans as tiles are king.

My titan team usually goes: Zim-Falcon-Wilbur-Natalya-Wu but that’s for the mana slow as I can’t say her titan damage inspires.

I think that Zim-Falcon-Wilbur-Elena is a bit more appealing.

You are correct. I do.

Alaise, Lianna, Gregorion, Joon are all maxed.

As you can see, I was thinking Marjana for a little while. I will still take her to 3/70… but will spend rings on Elena. I also think that I’ll take a break from emblems on Misandra and give Elena at least Rank 1 Talent for the revive.

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What will you use her for?

As tank, i purposefully target an enemy Elena and maybe give Marjana a pass; she brings more pain, quicker.

If she will not be tank, will she be flank? wing? Will Elena’s slow hurt her in these positions? just thinking…

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Doesn’t look like the OP is planning on using either character on defense so there is no position needed.

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If I max her I will use her (either her) in myriad ways.

Events, Titans (if Elena), Raiding, World maps, etc.

I spread the love with my heroes and like mixing/matching.

I love the idea of Marj/Zim/Grave/Falcon/Redhood on a mono-raid, especially since some people think Yunan is a good tank (he is, I just regularly beat him).

But then again Elena’s superior tile damage makes her appealing to make up for Falcon’s dismal tile damage on titans. Plus tiles are more important than specials, on the whole. Counterattack and AOE are great and…


I just got my first Red mana troop and have the troops to bring it to level 17 very quickly.

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I have Misandra and Ariel, and the thought occurred to me that, with a 17 mana troop, some emblems and a little TLC… Elena could be REALLY annoying as a tank. Ariel’s mana-boost, Misandra’s second job as a fluffer also aids this thought.

But then I have Grave… so this might only be used if we do War tanks (how tiring would that be in war?!)

She’d be a punishing tank sometimes! She’ll either die early (almost every time) or she’ll be really annoying. I don’t like the inconsistency of using such a low DEF tank. The mana troop doesn’t help a lot in that regard either. I dunno her defense is just so low I really don’t like her on defense much at all.

I’ll take on Elena tanks any day and every day! The prevalence of Frida/Arthur makes her even less of an attractive tank option IMO.

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Offensive is fun! hmmm…with some emblems to fill in her def deficit, Elena is far more interesting suddenly :grin:

As War tank, we find her easier to kill (unless emblemed to even out that def)…

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You are right, with the wildcards being Ariel, Misandra and emblems.
Even Bosswolf, for all of his beefiness (more on him in a moment), dies with 5 tiles straight to the heart on a mono raid. I like to mix things up and I feel like Elena would lure people in, only to have them flummoxed and aggravated that she didn’t die faster than Ariel could heal her. As it stands, Misandra goes off and charges all heroes, if only a little bit. I’ve already shaved a tile off of Ariel with a 23 mana troop. enough to make it interesting.

Bosswolf I love this character. my favorite tank to use. He’s benched while I beef him up with emblems and prepare my mana troop for level 23 (level 18 now). But the mana boost combo i mentioned before makes him that much more exciting. He’s got 4 emblems now, so I’d imagine that he’ll be even nastier as time goes on. However!!! back to the point It makes the case for Marjana, because I would want to have a red counter for those who bring a green stack in to try and smack down my blues… Where I do have Gravemaker, I find him less effective on the wings.

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So you see my predicament. Easy to advocate for both, tough to choose between them for the final ascension. (especially since I have stopped the majority of my spending…)

I have both maxed and Marjana only sees action during wars. Don’t know if that bit helps or not

I have almost this setup.

Wu (4-70)
Wilbur (4-70:6)
Scarlett (4-70:11 - 850 atk) or Azlar (4:80:7 - 823 atk)
Boldtusk (4-70:8)
Falcon (4-70:6).

And I have Marj and Elena, but Elena will stay at 3-70.