Which Red?- 5* Marjana, Khagan or Elena next?

Hi y’all. I was wondering if I should be working on Marjana #2, Khagan, or Elena? I’m leaning towards Elena solely for her tile damage. I do have enough rings for two reds.

In addition to Marjana, I also have Vivica, Isarnia, and Lianna maxed and Magni getting there.
If you need any other info, please let me know. Thanks!

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I concur, Elena has mind-blowing tile damage that makes her worth ascending from your list. Marjana is great, but life is too short to have dupe 5* (well, maybe there are a few…). Elena’s buff to,125% riposte in v20 helps.


Thanks Kerridoc! And in case Gravemaker comes back in Atlantis and I somehow get him (I probably won’t, considering my luck), Marjana #2 would just be left on the bench.

Gotta agree just because that extra 10% riposte made it to from annoying to my guys killing themselves pretty regularly. Boo.

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I would do Elena, I use her in pretty much everything but titans.


You have three options.

Wait for skins to see which gets the better upgrade or level Khagan if you need help with the two Ranger class quests or level Elena if you need help with the two fighter class quests or for matching/ tile / board damage.


Agreed, Elena would be my choice. Marjana is an awesome hero, but I value variety much, much more, and Elena’s attack stat is no joke.

If you’re not completely confident in that though, you could wait to see what Teltoc or Atlantis brings. Maybe you’ll pull G Kong or Anzogh, but honestly, even then I’d still probably do Elena. Love that attack stat :heart_eyes:

Only thing would be waiting to see what past HOTM Atlantis brings, but that’s too unpredictable, with too low of odds, to really count on. & If you’re C2P or F2P, the odds are really stacked against you, so I’d just stick with Elena. She’ll be great in a red stack, with that powerful attack stat, for raids and green titans.


Elena it is! Thank you all for your thoughts. You guys are always so helpful! :hugs:


She’s no good for titans?

Not with Wilbur around :man_shrugging:

My Red Heroes for green titans are
Boldtusk - Wilbur - Sir Lancelot - G. Falcon


Elena can be great against titans, but only when maxed. Regarding tile damage, Scarlett would be a cost-effective choice (maxing a 4* then talent her attack). However, she’d be squishy against 10+* titans (so does Elena, though).

Boldtusk + Falcon + Wilbur is the most classic combo against green titans. Add Wu Kong (or, more safely, Tarlak, albeit extremely rare to obtain) and another tile damage dealer (I use Azlar right now)…

Id suggest Sir Lancelot:
he would greatly improve Wilbur and G. Falcon special’s uptime and grant attack on 3 red heroes (making you able to keep Boldtusk’s special to counter the titan’s attack weakening AoE).

And the +mana% with mana potions on them is dope :smiley:


Oh okay that line up makes sense

Elena is a better choice than Lancelot. The tile damage differential alone is a big deal.

I don’t have Wilbur or Falcon, but that sounds like a very good team.

I value a higher damage modifier uptime over a little tile damage. More buffs/debuffs uptime = more damage and Elena, to not waste his counterattacking, have to not be fielded with Wilbur… wich isn’t optimal at all.

I keep boldtusk up 100% or use banners. Lancelots isnt desired

I’m not interested in that but in yor reasoning to value Elena over Sir Lancelot for titans.

  • Do you always have 100% Attack uptime?
  • What about Wilbur’s and Falcon’s skills?
  • How many items do you use /flag for said uptime without Lancelot?

I would go with Khagan actually. But it also depends on what your focuses are.

Since the difference in tiles damage is highly enhanced by buffs and debuffs, and riposte is amazing good against high level titans, i actually can’t see a better red hero for titans then Elena.

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