Help a rookie

Hello guys i m new at the game i would like to know what is the best or good composition with the Heroes i have and which i should be focus in.
This is for raids and for defense team.

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It would help if you told us what hero’s you have :wink:

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now xD i was updating the images


None of the shown ones :confused:

First you should build 2 (better 3) complete sets (1 in each color) of 3*
They are cheap to level and you need them to gather the materials you need for the 4*

Then you should build 3 Complete sets of 4*


You might as well get the following 5* to 3/70
Red Hood
Bai Yeong
And then stop until you have levelled 3 or 4 four star rainbow teams.
They will get you the mats to get your 5* to max
For your 4* focus on:
Li Xiu
Ps: don’t forget to level at least 3 x 3* rainbow teams
Good luck


Tks guys i appreciate the help :+1: :pray:

Before you use your unfarmable mats on a hero you should take it to 3/70 (5*) or 3/60 (4*) and use it in the map stages to see how that hero fits with your playstyle. We all have different styles of playing the game and you need to figure out what approach you prefer and which heroes fit that approach best and work best together.

You can develop different playstyles later (eg using slow AoE over fast snipers, or vice versa) as you mature in the game.

The game is a slow slog and it is best not to rush too fast into leveling the 5* heroes until you have a solid core of 3* and 4* first.


Firstly, welcome to the forum. Asking questions and seeking advice on hero rosters, I already know you’ll do well at this game.

The best piece of advice I got when I first started, was to join an alliance with knowledgeable players who will give you their expertise and guidance. It’s a marathon not a sprint. If you’re already in such a place, you’re off to a really good start. Although, I’m doubtful given the levelling choices you’ve made. Check out Alliance recruitment, teams are always looking for active daily players.

The 5* heros really are awesome, but as the others have already said, the materials needed to ascend them are too expensive when you are starting out.


Wauw! New to the game and with such a roster, congratulations on your luck! :beers:

I´m nowhere near your roster, and I am new to, so not great at the advice, but I do have Mist, and she´s incredible for me, when fighting those hard bosses, that often can end up tearing through my poor Heroes. In Raids, she´s of great value as well.
She´s not quite levelled yet, and will actually be my first maxed out 4* Hero, but she plays a great part in my team.

Good luck to you :slight_smile:

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To LVL up this 3* do you think i should use the fast recruitment or build common and uncommons of the ones i want to LVL ?

Ps thank you for the help

if u have plenty of recruits and food use fast. if u have less materials use lvl 2 or 1 camp. if u have very little of anything use lvl11 camp.

It will be most sufficient to use in color feeding and only 1* feeders. The chances are best with 1* feeders to get the special skill to 8 until the hero is maxed out. The source (TC1, 2 or 11) depends on your ressources.

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