Noob-Heres my Heroes/Advice thread

So I’m approaching that point where Rainbow is no longer effective and I’m ready to start upgrading a second and third team to max. What teams should I focus on? What tactics do you recommend? So far I’m in a casual clan and I’ve been using my Rainbow(team 1) to carry the load and swapping out a few heroes here and there. I mainly use a few healers and either Alice or Joon or Caedmon to snipe. Usually try to balance the healers with removing effects or adding effects.

I guess I’m just at that cusp of total noob looking at the next level and wondering what to focus on since upgrading is so time intensive.

There are a few different playstyle u can adapt once rainbow becomes tougher, some run all one color others run 3 of one 2 of another and so on. If you double or triple colors your gems of that color become stronger yet the ones you dont have no damage at all. More you stack more hope versus skill. I personally try to stack 2 heroes to counter a tank with high hp and usually set my other teamates to counter the most problematic of the attackers and have my last slot for support be it heals, shared damage, or someone with a strong skill like proteus or hel.

Play around with styles until u find one that is comfortable for you and it will help guide you better on what heroes you want to level. You have some nice options, cheshire cat is really good as well as kingston, wilbur, lady locke is squishy early but can be devastating as you can throw her posion on reposted heroes and recieve no damage. Justice blind comes in handy but she is slow so pair her with character to keep her alive.

Kash, Mele, Li, Grimm, Wilby & Scarylett should be your next projects imo.

In my honest opinion, I would focus on building Kashhrek, Melendor, Kiril, Wilbur, Scarlett, Li Xiu, Grimm, Tiburtus and Triton.
Then for war and raid attack, I would try 2-2-1

Thanks for the advice. I love Kiril. Scarlett doesnt seem to useful. Cheshire?? Really? I hate that guy. Lol. Thanks though.

Yes, Scarlett lol. She’s soft, but she lowers the attack stat of opponents and has a high attack stat in her own right. Very useful to my titan team and red mono event squad.

I’d do Tibs before the Cat, but the Cat has his uses. You just have to know when to use him.

Olmor has the right of it, but I’d add Tibs to that. Kashrek then Mele, Li , finish Scarlett then Wilbur, Tibs, Grimm then either Sonya or Triton.

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I like a bunch of what others have said. By color, I’d prioritize:

Yellow: Li Xiu, then ?? maybe Chao, or Justice, or finish off Joon if you can

Red: Scarlett, Wilbur, Bauchan,

Green: Melendor or Kashhrek in some order, depends on what you like. Your 5* are very good, but may be tough to finish.

Blue: Grimm, then one of Sonya or Triton

Purple: Domitia to 2.60, then Tiburtus, then ??

I appreciate it. I do end up using Scarlett anyways because she was one of my first to upgrade but I’m probably using her wrong. I’ll practice with her. Thanks for the advice.

And yeah, I’m stuck on the higher ascension mats. My question was just who to generally work on next. Once I get the mats Joon and/or Alice get the treatment first in my opinion. They are both brutal.